how to seduce your husband
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Are you worried your marital sex life is losing that spark? Do you want tips on how to spice it up? Perhaps you may need to seduce your husband sometimes.

Seduction is an art and can be easily learned.

There may be a stigma attached to this kind of wooing, in our African society, but remember it’s your husband we’re speaking of here.

A healthy life between the sheets will mean a happier relationship outside of it, and there is no shame in that.

Here are 12 effective ways to seduce your husband and become sexually irresistible to him:

1.     Appeal Him Visually

The knowledge that men are hyper-visual beings makes that one of the most guaranteed ways to make your husband desire you is to be visually appealing.

When you’re in the house, wear a V-neck top that highlights your breasts, that is also subtly sexy and teasing, and leaves something to the imagination.

Something like a cotton shirt, with a sexy cut or short pajamas. Set the mood for anticipation to build by your choice of clothes. The power to seduce your husband really lies with you.

2.      Have Sexual Confidence

You’re not the only one. Women sometimes feel they should suppress their sexual thoughts so as not to come off as loose or too needy.

On the other hand, a lot of men admit they are turned on when their women take the lead sexually.

Many men find it arousing and enjoy sex more with women who display sexual confidence. Consider working on your sexual confidence to give it the right boost.

3.      Use Your Words

The fact that men are primarily visual creatures is not in contest, but words are also super effective and can be used in a number of wonderful ways.

Words are a powerful seduction technique, especially when they are used in the right way.

Get expressive. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

Talk to him in a seductive voice on the phone to him to get him in the mood for sex. Don’t be ashamed or shy to flirt with your spouse.

A little flirtation can go a long way in creating some sexual tension and getting him in the mood. Plus, when you do so, try to maintain eye contact.

And no, we don’t mean awkwardly staring at your man like you ware probing. You just need to tease him with your gaze. A look that says “I desire you.”

When he’s away, send him texts or voice notes of what you like in bed or want to do to him when he gets home.

4.      House Chores Done Sexily

Un-crease the sheets. Rearrange the throw pillows. Pull the chairs back in. Do simple house chores slowly around where he’s seated.

A subtle bend, hair flip, or by-mistake leg graze here and there while you’re at it won’t hurt, will it?

5.      Workout

Whether for long or short-term goals, you could never go wrong with involving workout in this matter.

Yoga, Zumba, dance, or low-intensity workout programs.

Not only are workout outfits hellishly sexy, but there also are some exercise poses that can turn on any man with something between his thighs.

6.      Invest In Sexy Scents

Another simple yet effective way to seduce your husband is to smell really nice. A great scent is an amazing turn on.

But this won’t work if you keep using the same brand of perfume and your husband has gotten bored with the same smell.

Wear his favorite perfume or try a new exotic one.

Take some time out at the mall, visit the perfumes section, and see what works out for you. There are some really yummy-smelling ones, find those.

You could ask the shop attendant for some assistance if you’re uncertain what to pick. Wear it after dinner and see his reaction.

7.      Up Your Lingerie Game

Men respond well to visual stimuli; never forget. Try wearing lingerie, but be sure to pick something you feel most confident in.

Try to understand the colours that suit your skin tone, eye, and hair colour.

This will definitely help make you look sexier and more provocative.

Psychologically, men are very attracted to women who wear red. So, it’s definitely a good colour to start with if you’re not sure. Black works well too.

Also, be confident in your body. If you don’t feel sexy in what you’re wearing, you won’t come off that way.

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Some females are curvier than others. Some are skinny, others have more body fat. All in all, no body type supersedes the other. Your unique charm plus confidence in what you’re putting on is what matters.

8.      Light, Mood & Music

Turn down the lights, and just leave a faint light on.

Then, have soft music playing in the background.

This romantic atmosphere creates a laid-back, relaxed, and romantic aura as your husband walks in from a meeting or something related.

Double points if you are putting on something sexy.

9.      Massages

A massage is a great seduction move!

When he arrives home from work, ask him if he’d like a massage (doing this with natural oils is optional).

The body never says no to a massage. Set a romantic mood with light music playing in the background.

Giving your husband a sensual massage is one of the most guaranteed ways to sexually arouse and seduce him.

Send a message by focusing on his erogenous zones; he’ll understand that you want to get more physical.

10.      Touch Him In The Not-so-obvious-erogenous-ones

Think about turning the flirting up a notch.

When your husband sits down to talk to you about his day, sit next to him and show great interest in listening.

Get him all aroused by getting to his erogenous zones.

Play with his hair, reach for his ears and neck, lower lip and surrounding area, neck and throat, earlobes, nipples, hip zone (these are the not so obvious erogenous body parts).

11.      Send Him Your Sexy Photo While He’s Away

This is an excellent way to catch your husband’s attention and tempt him. You can send pictures of your nipples tense against your shirt, an exposed thigh, or one of you wearing the sexiest lingerie you own. This will make your husband go crazy and want you even more! It will get him rushing home to you as soon as he can for some between the sheets moves.

12.      Talk About Sex

The time when you are watching a TV show together and an intimate scene pops up is a great time to bring up what you like most when he is in bed with you.

Tell him how he turns you on and the moves you like the most.

You can blame it on the male ego, but men love it when their woman tells them they feel happy with their moves in the bed.

Tell him what you expect him to do next and see how his eyes twinkle.

When in the search for great ways to seduce your husband, there is no passing on this one.

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