Are you still trying to make up your mind as to what summer school to register your child in during the long summer holiday? Not to worry, you are in luck as this article will highlight all the factors you need to consider before you decide on the right summer camp or summer school for your child.

Your child’s current school

When it comes to picking the right summer school for your child, the very first obvious option has got to be your child present school. Here in Nigeria, most schools offer summer classes which are usually introduced to parents at the end of a school term. Because you are already used to your child’s school and their curriculum, it does make a lot of sense to readily opt for any summer classes being organized by the school.


Your child’s interest

When it comes down to the choice of summer school or camp for your child, it’s always best to speak to your child to understand what he or she is most interested in. But, this only applies in a situation where the child is old enough to express his or herself. A four-year-old, for instance, can readily tell his or her mum what he or she would like to learn or do. My 6-year-old triplets, for instance, told me they would love to learn how to make bags, play the piano and make beads. So, bearing their interests in mind, a mum can make the right choice of summer school for them.


Academics or traditional

Another factor you may want to consider is whether or not the summer camp would be based on academics or traditional.

The former refers to a summer school that is geared towards preparing the child for the new school term. So, if your child has some problematic subject areas eg, maths, English or sciences, it makes a lot of sense to enroll him or her in an academics camp. And if you would rather have your child learn some life skills or even morals, a traditional summer school is your best bet. A summer school that teaches children skills like baking, arts, and craft, bead making, child body safety will suffice for your child depending on your area of concentration. If you have always wanted your child to learn how to swim, read, dance ballet, play football, etc, then, look, for summer schools that can teach these skills.

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Distance, duration, timing, cost, the scope of study and security

Now that we have identified the type of summer school for your child, you need to factor the location of the summer camp and of course, the proximity to your home, office or the location of the person who would do the pick-up or drop off.

The resumption and closing time of the summer school is very important so you can work around your daily schedule as a parent. Also, the cost of the summer camp should be affordable by your estimation and be worth it. You need to also have value for whatever amount you decide on paying.

Security is also very key and this is why you need to visit the summer school to decide for yourself. If your child will sleepover at the summer camp, please do your findings and a great way to do this is to read online reviews or hear from parents whose children have attended the summer camp in question.

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You can never undermine the importance of research when trying to choose the right summer school for your child. So do your due diligence, ask questions, go see things for yourself in the summer school, speak to your child and just learn to trust your instincts at all times.

We hope you found this article useful?

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