During a conversation with @briefessentials some days ago, the word (FOCUS) cropped up several times and then it hit me that it has become increasingly difficult to FOCUS especially on social media albeit Instagram.

Then it dawned on me that the “band wagon” effect had taken over Instagram and it has become imperative that we constantly remind ourselves about the reason why ( We started that business, service or page)… You see, it’s difficult to focus with an overload of information, fakeness especially with people being deceived into thinking they aren’t doing enough or need to catch up.

I heard a painful story about how a popular page ripped a business owner of some money and didn’t feel any remorse. It’s easy to fall for these tricks if you don’t FOCUS.

So, I thought to drop this words tonight which is (Focus…I know it’s tough, but you need to be disciplined about where and whom you spend your money, energy and time on).

Trust your journey…trust the process… don’t be stampeded to walk before you crawl… It’s a process…
Do your best and watch God take over… I hope this made some sense?