It is believed that some career mums assume that a stay-at-home mum  is lazy for choosing to stay at home instead of seeking a career or building one. On the other hand, a stay-home-mum assumes that a mumpreneur is a selfish mother who is more concerned about making money instead of staying home to take care of the children yet acts like she still cares about her children, e.t.c., Its an unending circle.

Try being a career mum, stay at home mum or mumpreneur for a few days and you will realise that none is a walk in the park. Everyone is only trying to be the best mother the way they can.

You owe no one any apologies or explanation for any of these roles you choose to play because you are doing the best for your family.

Let’s shun the mum guilt and mum shaming other mums, You Don’t Walk In Her Shoes.
(Mum shaming is mothers tearing each other down – and it needs to stop.) Truth is when it comes to parenting, motherhood, life or marriage, we all are dealing with one issue or the other.
So, the best we can do is to support each other. No one has got it fully figured out including me❤️ Agree?