Veteran Nigerian actress, Bukky Wright, speaks about her love for shea butter and fashion


I am working on a couple of projects at the same time and I have always owned a fashion line. I now have a recording label and I recently produced my son, Ojay Wright; he is the first artiste on the label. I am still a producer and writer. I recently shot a movie in the United States with an all US crew because I felt it made more business sense to do so. The title is beast amongst us and it is a movie about women.


Beauty Secrets

I am a grand mum but not biologically. I am grateful to God for making me look like this at my age; my first son is 23 and I think it is the grace of God. I am very careful with what I put on my skin, I exercise and rest when I can. Its so funny when I tell people that my major secret is my Shea butter and a lot of people find it very difficult to believe that it is my major beauty secrets.


I will just say that I have been very careful and in this industry because it is not easy to stay scandal-free as a celebrity because we are all humans and blood flows in my veins. I am active on social media and post what I think is necessary because it is I my private life should be kept private.


I can’t speak about my personal and love life because it is entirely my business. There is nothing being in love if you find the right partner.