You are almost late for an important appointment at the office after staying up late preparing for it. You wake up trying to prepare breakfast for the family and also making sure to get the kids ready for school; you are all cranky and disorganized. When you finally feel you have survived your Herculean tasks and gotten your kids into the car; you start the car while trying to summon your inner Zen to keep calm and focus on your appointment; what you dread the most at this point happens your kids start disturbing in the car.

Many mums have been in this scenario before or any other scenario that infuriating and they literally won’t mind tossing the kid/kids into a bin[you obviously have thought about it ]but not to worry, let’s try to help out and see some effective ways to stop your kids from disturbing in the car.


This is usually the first choice of action of the average Nigerian mum in solving this issue. A stern look or firm words most times does the trick and calls the kid to order. Playing bad cop here doesn’t mean you hate your kid but just shows how not in the mood you are, even as we want our kids to see us as their best friends they shouldn’t forget who is boss to some extent


Communicating with your kid is another good way to go about it. You can either start by having a simple talk with your kid before you get into the car. Never feel they are too little to understand what you have to say.You can explain your itinerary for the day and you might well be surprised how understanding they could be.


Keeping them busy is another way to go about it. You could allow them to carry along their favourite toy or game along to keep them entertained, this gives you enough time to sort yourself out and concentrate on other things you intend to do. If you have kids who do not enjoy sharing it is best they have their own personal toy to reduce any bickering in the car.


Another neat trick is creating distractions for them. One way to go about is by asking them to tell you about school and their friends or a simply playing their favourite songs before you set off as this gets their minds off any form of tantrums in the car.


Before going out or taking your kids to school ensure their necessary needs are taken care of such as food snacks and other essentials. This little inconvenience can go a long way in saving you any unnecessary disturbance while in the car.

Over to you mums, do you have any other tested and trusted tip? Do share with us below or email us at