Busy Mom Hacks for Fast Healthy Children’s Meals

By Seun Sangoleye

I believe in my heart that the Proverbs 31 woman had a hack, a formula or whatever meme we may call it that helped her gain popularity as the well rounded woman, model wife, mother, enterprising woman and all her many caps of success.

This is because I have a hack for busy mornings, a hack for laundry, another for getting to functions and church early, another hack for looking beautiful and fresh always and most importantly, a hack for daily bible reading and devotionals. Just google “busy mom life hacks” and world of endless possibilities awaits you!

I am going to be sharing some feeding hacks and a meal plan for children.

Feeding Hacks 101

  1. Always have a plan

You don’t have to follow the one you pasted on the kitchen door, but you must plan your meals even if only in your head at least a day in advance, preferably, plan the weeks meals on weekends.

  1. Cook in large batches and freeze.

Do not let your kids miss out on Jollof rice on a busy morning. You can make Jollof rice sauce as well as other soups and vegetables in large batches and freeze.

  1. Explore!

Check out some restaurants in your area, you just might discover a wonderful restaurant that cooks delicious homemade like meals. e.g Making moi-moi from scratch is a laudable effort but if there is a store that sells delicious beans pudding in around you, buy some and freeze. Pop in the microwave for breakfast to go with your child’s favorite cereal.

  1. Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is cheaper but it also helps when you have needed groceries handy as at when needed.

  1. Buy Pre-processed

If you use spices as much as I do, you will agree that dried ground spices will help you save some time you would have spent peeling ginger, turmeric or garlic.

About Her: Seun Sangoleye, CEO Baby Grubz Nigeria ®, has always been a foodie and kitchen pro.
Her passion for Toddlers and Baby food and nutrition was stirred when she had her son and was clueless about where to get reliable homemade foods for her baby.
A trained Computer Scientist with years of hands on engineering experience, now a certified special chef to adorable little customers who makes the advice of nutritionists and pediatricians yummy for your baby! She is happily married to Wale and they are blessed with two adorable children.

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