It’s back to school time!  Many mothers have little ones heading to school this period. The transition from summer fun-time to back to school can be brutal and hectic  There is the early wake-up time (this is a huge issue for those lazy night owls!), to making sure your child eats a healthy breakfast on time, oh and then there is prepping lunch.

For those who are not type-A parents, this time can be chaotic and the failed adjustment for mothers are easily seen on the dishevelled hair and crows nest around the eyes, since it’s not easy to get used to a new sleep schedule as well as handling all the assignments and responsibilities  we are kind enough to provide you with some tips {because we do care}.

Here are some back to school routines that actually work


·       Ease back into a healthy bedtime

It is very important that you ease back into the routine of waking up early for school starting at least two weeks before the actual first day of school. And for those mothers who have late sleepers, it is best to wake them up a little earlier each day as summer holidays come to an end.

Since children have been staying up late every night in the summer, it will not be easy going to sleep early the night before school starts.

Routines are key for children, especially when it comes to sleep Enforcing an hour of quiet time before bed can help children get into a healthy bedtime routine. For the cranky kids reading them their favourite bedtime story can be a good way to help children wind down

An alarm clock for them might not be a bad idea, as it is never too early to imbibe the culture of responsibility when it comes to going to bed on time.

·       Start on their homework ahead of time

Getting back into schoolwork mode can also be a great way to prepare before the start of a new school year. You can start on their summer homework well before the first day of school, and if your child’s school does not give out summer homework,  buying workbooks or using educational tools as a refresher before going back to school full-time could do the trick

·       Keep a family calendar

Keeping everyone’s schedules straight can also be a hard job for mothers, so staying organized by using a shared family calendar with everyone’s assignments, practices and appointments in one place. Also a morning “to-do” list everyday will go a step further to avoid going mad if you try to keep track of everything in your head.

Having a central calendar that everyone shares can also reduce confusion for the whole family,

  • Plan before you shop

Take out time to note what period is vital for shopping for their school items An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. Take an afternoon and assess each child’s clothing needs. A caring mother should take out time to empty drawers and closets of outgrown or worn-out clothing, and either store or donate the discards.

Develop a wardrobe needs list for each child. Check for possible hand-me-downs from older siblings as you make your list. Similarly, ask the school for classroom supply lists before shopping for school supplies. Forewarned is forearmed … and helps protect the family budget.

Do shop early! As you end up saving more with the unpredictable economy