‘Golden Penny’ has introduced “Amaizing Day”, a breakfast cereal product with “The Power of 4”, with focused on child’s nutrition.

The product is part of its efforts to support good health and well-being amongst children. It also helps fight malnutrition in Nigeria.

The iconic food brand, Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (“FMN”), Amaizing Day, says “the Power of 4” Amaizing Day cereal aims at providing the four essential nutrients”.

It says the product is fortified with Calcium, Protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin E for children.

Unfortunately, malnutrition is one of the world’s major public health and development concerns. also,  UNICEF records says Nigeria has the second highest burden of stunted children in the world.

Nigeria has a national prevalence rate of 32% of children under five. According to the statistics, 5 in every 10 children under five years suffer from the effects of  malnourishment.

According to estimates, 2 million children in Nigeria suffer from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).

To avert the overarching negative consequences on the lives of children, Golden Penny has taken the initiative to introduce the Amaizing Day product.

This product meets children’s nourishment needs and satisfies their taste at a reasonable price.

In a statement, the Category Manager, Oluwatooni Odewole, said: “We believe that the optimal cognitive and physical growth of a child is proportional to how nourished he/she is.


“Our passion to nurture the future of our great nation is one of our driving forces to making sure consumers get the best quality and nutritious food.

“Therefore, we have manufactured this product with natural ingredients that aid growth and development by building a healthy body and strong bones in children”.

Also, the company says the price point of the latest addition in the food brand, tackles the current economic challenges,

The Marketing Director, Bisi Idowu, says ‘the purchasing power of an average Nigerian home was considered’, thus the need to set a more affordable, pocket-friendly price for consumers.

His said: “We have been around for decades to understand the challenges of our country”.

With global reports on stunted growth in  Nigeria, we discovered there aren’t many affordable nutritious food products for children. Foods that will help them grow, and this is the narrative we are changing.”

As Nigeria continues to tackle public health issues, ensure sustainable consumption, and builds a healthier society, Golden Penny reiterates its commitment to good food and daily nourishment for all.

“We are dedicated to serving Nigerian families and to contributing robustly to their good health and well-being, particularly children,” he added.

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