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8 Ways To Engage, Entertain Kids During Road Trip

Are you embarking on a road trip with kids? Whether it’s going on holiday to grandma’s or a regular outing, keep boredom at bay and make the journey more enjoyable with these simple and fun games:

1. The License Plate Game

Spot license plates from different states and mark them off on a checklist. The goal is to find as many unique plates as possible during the journey.

2. The Alphabet Game

Start with the letter ‘A’ and take turns finding words or objects outside the car that begin with each letter of the alphabet. For example, ‘A’ could be for an apple drink, ‘B’ for birds, etc.

3. Road Trip Bingo

Create bingo cards featuring familiar sights or other things along the route, such as cows, red cars, or fuel stations. As kids spot each item, they mark it on their bingo card until someone gets it.

4. The Color Car Game

Choose a colour, such as blue or red, and watch for cars of that colour. The first person to spot a vehicle in the chosen colour gets a point. See who can spot the most cars of that colour during the trip.

5.  Can You Spot…

Create a list of items to spot during the journey, such as markets, schools, or bridges. Kids earn points for each item they spot, with bonus points for spotting rare or unusual items.

6.  The Counting Game

Pick a category, such as road signs or animals, and take turns counting how many you see along the way. For example, count how many speed limit signs or cows you pass during the trip.

7.  Counting Cows

Specifically, focus on counting cows during the journey.

Each time you see a cow, shout out the count. See how many cows you can count by the end of the trip.

8.  I Spy

Take turns being the ‘spy’ and choose an object within sight.

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Say, “I spy with my little eye something…” and give a clue about the object’s colour or shape.

Other players will take turns guessing until someone correctly identifies the object.

In summary, these games are entertaining and promote engagement, interaction, and friendly competition among kids and the whole family.

So, gather your travel companions, buckle up, and prepare for a road trip filled with laughter and fun!

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