Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes are common as you age. Here are 6 effective ways to get rid of under eye bags


Creams are one of the most effective and efficient favourite treatment for eye bags as they can be integrated into your daily routine. However, choosing the right cream may be difficult. Choosing a cream rich in caffeine and hyaluronic acid can help tighten the skin as well as help reduce puffiness and drain excess fluid from the area. Hyaluronic acid is known for hydrating dry skin. Note, it’s imperative to use cream consistently in order to achieve optimum results.


Just like creams serums are also very effective in treating sagging eye bags. Although, it depends on the formula been prescribed, serum use botanical antioxidants to treat under eye bags and can be very efficient as well. The antioxidants help prevent collagen damage as well as help brighten skin pigmentation. Collagen can be very harsh on the sensitive eye area, so when selectin a serum ensure you select one in a rollerball tube for easy application that also helps disperse fluid build-up.

Under-Eye Masks

Under eye masks or patches directly target your bags with antioxidants as well as helps with hydrating ingredients. Under eye masks reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen growth for refreshed and youthful eyes. Despite from the fact that, it’s a pampering treatment, it’s also an excellent way to relax after a long day.

Tea Bags

Using tea bags to remove your eye bags happens to be a classic home remedy which has been used to treat eye bags for years. Caffeine provided by the tea constricts the blood vessels around the eye, thereby, reducing puffiness, while the tannins help to decrease swelling and discoloration. Used for removing eye shadows, this treatment is best used when you are out of product and you need a quick fix. Place two used tea bags in the refrigerator for half an hour before applying to closed eyes for 10minutes.

Facial Toning Devices

The world is now surrounded with enough technology to treat almost anything and eye bags are not left out. Facial toning devices are new trends in fighting the signs of ageing. They work by sending micro currents that sculpt and contour muscles on your face. By gently running the device around the skin underneath your eyes, you’ll feel a thickening in the skin under your eyes to better hold in the bulging fat below. Though expensive, the facial toning device is a great anti-ageing device with immediate and long last results when consistently used.


Just in case you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your under eye bag, fillers can sometimes be a very good option for you. The injections work to improve the appearance of the under-eye area by smoothing the contours of the eye socket in order to make it appear more youthful. Just like facial toning devices, although highly efficient and effective, Fillers can be very expensive and occasionally have adverse side effects, so do your research first before going for fillers.