2021 Business IdeasAre you a mum seeking out 2021 business ideas to get the year rolling?

You’ve come to the right place.

From corporate to remote, online to offline businesses, here’s a list to help you decide on what you should venture into.

1.      Drop-Shipping

Drop-shipping is a retail fulfillment process that requires you to ship certain goods from one point to another, without needing to keep the products in stock.

What this business entails is— purchasing items from a third party and have them shipped directly to the customer in need of it.

The basic requirement to fly with this business idea in 2021 is a basic understanding of how the importation business works.

With this knowledge, you can be well on your way to becoming a household name, especially in this era that online shopping is the new normal.

The first step is to get the contact of a wholesaler in a different country where the wholesale market is cheaper.

Your wholesaler may sell clothes or perfumes or wigs wholesale, depending on what you wish to specialise in.

You can even choose diversity, to provide variety to your customers.

However, beginners are advised to start with just one. Assuming you choose to sell female foot wares, you then pay for a few shoes to your supplier who may be in China or in the USA, in a wholesale amount that will render it cheaper for you.

Then your supplier ships these shoes down to your location, and you proceed to sell these items at retail price to locals and walk home with your profit.

The good thing about drop-shipping is that you can start this business with zero capital. You can use the funds provided by your customers who pre-order to get your business off the ground.

This is by far one of the best business ideas for ladies.

2.      Personal Assistant

Your job specification as a personal assistant (PA) cuts across managing the daily affairs of your boss which includes booking appointments for your employer, organising their calendars, setting up meetings, etc.

Good planning and organisational skills are at the core of this job role.

This is one of the best 2021 business ideas for mums because the demand for PAs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Besides, who has better planning and management abilities better than individuals who run themselves, their homes, immediate and extended families, amongst other things, aka mums?

3.      Virtual Assistant

This is the digital version of the personal assistant. It is a corporate position that is more often than not, remote.

So, you can do this from your bedroom and collect your due wage/salary without having to move a mountain.

The job requirement, also similar to that of a PA, includes managing the schedules, social media, and sometimes phone calls of your employer, and other simple virtual tasks such as airtime recharge, bank transfers, texting, and the likes may be handed to you to manage.

It is one of the great 2021 business ideas we recommend  and that is because of the growing demand for remote workers as a result of COVID-19.

4.      Point of Sale (POS) Agent

Assisting people in carrying out basic banking transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and bill payments is what would be required of you as a POS agent.

The mum superpowers: accountability and devotion will favour you here. You might also experience an increase in the customer base because of the word-of-mouth gospel of your impeccable customer service.

5.      Online Coaching

Mums make excellent coaches. Everybody knows this.

As an online coach, you will be in charge of training and coaching people on various aspects of life, internet space. It is best to train based on an aspect that you are very familiar with so that your coaching is always garnished with a wealth of knowledge.

For instance, you can decide to specialize in onboarding and coaching young mums through motherhood and child care.

All you need for this business is a social media page and internet data subscription. Once you become well known as a coach, you can start to charge for consultation and one-on-one coaching.

6.      Blogging

Female bloggers like Linda Ikeji and Uche of Bella Naija have changed the narrative of women (especially African women) in blogging today. You can start a blog for free and write on any niche of your choice and over time you can upgrade to a paid version.

The blogosphere is very welcoming to females. The chances of you having any problems are super slim.

7.      Writing

From freelance writing, be it fiction or non-fiction writing, profit can be made from just about any of these fields. You can decide to write articles for various clients in need of them or fiction for magazines and publications, or research a brand and pitch your ideas to the editor.

You can also write and publish an informative e-book or a fiction novel and sell it to a publisher for a fee. There are literally no boundaries to your income source as a writer.

8.      Face Modelling

2021 is the year to put that pretty face and great skin of yours to good use. With your skin looking flawless, you can model for various brands and make-up artists. Cosmetic companies can use you as a muse or as the face of their products and make-up. The options are endless for a model. And it is definitely one of the highest paying business ideas for ladies in 2021.

9.      Podcasting

Podcasting/audio messaging is the new normal. It is a great business idea for any mum in 2021, regardless of whether you have other income streams or you’re a full stay at home mum.

As a podcaster, you become a modern-day radio presenter. Your podcast can be about any and everything; just like a radio show. As your audience grows, you can begin to run advertisements on your podcast and make income off of it.

Starting a podcast is free on platforms like Google Podcasts, Anchor, but as you improve you may need to buy items like an external microphone, faders, mixers, etc. The profit from this business is generated from advertisements.

10.      Uber/Bolt Riding

Uber riders are one of the highest-paid entrepreneurs in the world today.

You are one step away from cashing in if you already own a car. If not, you could find someone willing to lease you their car based on an agreement for this purpose.

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Either way, you can start this business with 10k or less for petrol once a car is available. Another way you can profit from this business is by finding a driver and leasing your own car to them for a set sum.

The transportation business is lucrative in any part of the world as it entails conveying people safely to their desired locations. With the undying need to commute seamlessly in real-time, there is no doubt you will excel in this.

11.      Social Media Influencing

This is a business that speaks to your ability to affect other people’s thinking in a digital community.

The more influence you have, the more your chances of landing multi-million-naira partnerships with individuals and companies. These companies and individuals will pay you to promote an idea or sell a product for them. You’ll then develop compelling content for that particular project and use your influence to achieve your clients’ desired results.

12.      Fashion Designing

Fashion designers are highly sought-after individuals in this age and statistics point towards them becoming even more sought after. This makes it one of the best businesses for mums in 2021.

The jackpot will be when you land contracts to handle fashion designs of celebrities for social functions or some big project for a brand.

All other Fabmums are out here rooting for you. The future is female after all, you’ve got this!

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