10 safe baby teething remedies


Your baby may sprout his or her first teeth with little or no issues at all, but it could be also a long painful process. This is why you must be armed with these 10 safe baby teething remedies


Your baby may sprout his or her first teeth with little or no issues, but it could also be a long painful process. This is why you must be armed with these 10 safe baby teething remedies

Frozen objects like a cold spoon from the fridge

If your baby’s gum aches, then you can freeze everything from teethers, to wet washcloths, to carrots and celery. All of these can be used to soothe aching gums.

Mesh teethering feeder

Mesh teething feeder device does not only introduce babies to new flavours, it also serves as a great teether, particularly, if it is kept in the fridge or freezer.


Every baby teethes one way or the other. While sucking may increase pain in some babies, other babies use the nipple as a teething toy. If your baby seems tempted to bite while his breastfeeding, try rubbing a clean finger over her gums before beginning. You can also end the session once he or she seems full and or bored.

Plush teething toy

You can always get a teething toy for you baby; a soft plush teething toy is a safe option for your baby to chew on when teething becomes painful. Filled with fruits and veggies, these plush ring toys are super soft and machine washable.

Over the counter pain reliever

Before buying any pain reliever or teething drug for your baby, ensure you speak to a pediatrician first especially for early teethers. A doctor’s approval must be gotten before you can administer acetaminophen in babies less than 3months and ibuprofen in babies less than 6months of age. However, during nighttime episodes where baby screams and can’t sleep, make sure you fully read the product labelling especially in light of changes to the formulation of OTC versions of acetaminophen for infants

Wooden Teether

Babies naturally like to gnaw on things around them because they feel everything belongs to the mouth. Next time your baby wants to chew on the remote control hand him/her a sweet wooden teether to help with the pain.

Cold fruit

Mesh feeder filled with chilled fruits like slices of banana and apples can also provide some relief for teething baby. It will also serve as a tasty snack for a baby with sore gums.


Distraction helps a lot for teething babies and that unexpected cuddle can take his/her mind off the pain for a while. Prepare a warm bath for baby so he/she can relax.

Vibrating teether

This teether unlike other teethers helps in stimulating baby gum. When baby chomps on the water filled section it helps stimulate his/her gum.

So, there you have it mums what safe teething measures did you employ when your baby began teething? Please share below

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