Every pregnant woman is bound to be curious about your baby sex, even if you’re waiting until the birth to find out. However while you wait for the big reveal, here are 7 fun ways to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl

 By their heartbeat, you shall know them

Anytime your obstetrician pulls out the Doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, ask him or her to tell you what the heart rate is. This is because legend states that 150+beats per minute signifies a girl and below 140 indicates a boy.

Sweet or sour

Just in case you crave sweet things every day, then you’re expecting a girl but when you experience opposite that means you’re expecting a boy.

Chinese Birth Chart

The Chinese birth chart is an ancient method that uses your age at conception and the month you did conceived to determine the gender of your baby.

Potty time

The potty time is more of an experiment. Pee in a cup mix a tablespoon of Drano-a drain cleaner, and watch closely to observe any changes. Green = Girl and Blue = boy.

Unlocking the mystery

This is more like an experiment as well but you’ll have to do this to a friend or close relative. Place a key in front of your friend and have them pick it up. If she picks it by the narrow part, she’s in for sugar and spice (baby girl) but if she picks it up by the round part, then its snips and snails (baby boy).

Spot on

There’s a belief that a baby girl steals her mama’s beauty. So if you’re having blemishes, then, you should know you’ll be having a girl.

Wedding ring mystery

Yeah wedding rings too come into play! Pop off your wedding ring if you still have it or if you still can. Tie it to a string and hang it over your belly and if it swings in circles then, you’re expecting a boy but if it swings back and forth then you’ve got a girl.

Queasy does it

Little or no morning sickness points you’re having a boy but if it’s the other way round then, you’re having a girl.