Most mums make a lot of weight loss mistakes on a daily basis albeit unconsciously. Some mums have also had resort to extreme methods to reach that desired goal of being slim and keep fit.But bad habits and certain mistakes never go away and always come back to hunt them. Here are some of the most common weight loss mistakes most mums continue to make:


Thinking sit ups make the stomach fat go away

Most Nigerian women fall prey to the myth that a good lying down and coming up and counting to 40 is enough exercise for one day and voila no more belly fat. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but doing sit ups all day long won’t make you lose weight or give you a flat tummy. You cannot spot or measure reduced fat. Doing cardiovascular exercises like some sweat walking or running will help you lose weight all over your body by some considerable amount.

Continuous reliance on carbohydrates

When we are busy and our mouths need to keep busy, it’s very easy for us to look no further than carbohydrates-there goes your weight loss goals. Carbohydrates aren’t bad as such, but who wouldn’t crave for a well prepared semolina or pounded yam and goat meat egusi soup (we are definitely am craving for some now)one big problem with meals like this is that you might well get the required energy crash an hour or so then wake up feeling hungry. When this happens, it’s easy to crave something sugary like chocolate or a biscuit and the cycle of energy spike and energy crash continues all day. Not only do you feel rubbish, but you end up eating way more than you want to.

It’s easily fixed, just try to make your meals more balanced. As mentioned, that means a protein source, some vegetables and a fat source like margarine are healthier. This will help keep your energy levels more consistent and stop you reaching for a high calorie energy food!

Shoving in anything as long as it’s before 6 pm

This is another great myth that has been conveyed by some health and fitness sites. But, it does not matter what time you eat, eating foods that are fried or rich in saturated fat will most definitely make it a hard task for you to lose weight.

While, eating your last meal a few hours before bed, may make it easier to lose weight, the quality of the food you eat before this time equally matters.When it comes to losing a good deal of weight, An effective diet is key.

Not setting goals

Not fully putting in place certain goals on how, when and why you want to lose weight could be the reason you may never lose it. It is fine to know that you would like to lose 20 kg, but how do you plan to lose all this weight? Is it over one year? Through diet or exercise or both?It’s good to know how you intend you lose the target weight you have set for yourself. You can set goals for each week and decide what you would like to accomplish each week. Lose 1kg a week perhaps? A weight loss log could be an effective way to properly monitor your progress and see if you need to do something extra to achieve your Goal

Notion that exercise is a short-term thing

These days you find Nigerian houses filled with unused exercise equipment.At the beginning of every year, women, armed with their New Year resolutions go overboard, purchasing threadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bicycles and some names that are still mouth twisting All these weight loss machinery, eventually becomes a tool to hang items of clothing or they play a role as a piece of furniture. This is because some mothers view exercise as a short-term endeavour. Most of the time when women don’t see the kind of results they are looking for after a short period of time, they give up and continue their old habits.There is no exercise program that can make you lose 20kg in one month, if there is kindly sign me up (and I bet it is not healthy). You will only get to see results with a consistent exercise or weight loss regiment.

Are you making any of this weight loss mistakes? Before you go, we think you should check out these practical tips for a flatter belly