Mother's Day gift ideas
Mother’s Day Offers Everyone An Opportunity To Appreciate A Mother. [Photo Credit: Pexels]
We are in Mother’s Day mood and here are some ideas that will trigger off some thoughts about how to appreciate a mum.

Motherhood can be such a daunting responsibility to handle which is why some “thank you” here and there to your mum, wife, sisters, or some other significant female in your life can go a long way in making them feel loved and appreciated.

Now, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Looking for unconventional gift ideas to mark the Mother’s Day celebration? Consider the following:

1.       Breakfast In Bed As Mother’s Day Gift

Good food is always a good idea. There’s no woman on the surface of the earth that doesn’t like the idea of breakfast in bed. Quote me anywhere.

We all look forward to the occasion of us being pampered and just given some loving attention.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be anything flashy or unattainable.

If you can’t find strawberries and grapes, you could feature apples and watermelon.

However, if you don’t have a machine to make waffles, you could just whip up some slabs of pancakes, a bowl of oats and bananas, eggs, sausages, and some fries.

Akara and Pap, even, is a pass mark.

Remember, the gesture matters way more than the items. So don’t let the lack of an item get in the way of this grand move on Mother’s Day.

2.      Lunch: So She Doesn’t Have To Cook

The average mum prepares meals for her family about 3 times daily, approximately 90 times in a month. This is how you know that a great mothers’ day gift idea is giving her the chance to put her feet up and not have to labour through that day’s lunch.

You could take it a notch further by volunteering to prepare the meal yourself, or simply order in from her favourite restaurant. When it’s done and her face is perpetually lit up, beaming with blessedness, remember from where you got this idea. *winks.

3.      A Makeover As Mother’s Day Gift

A decent makeover is something mums wish they could do, but of course, never have the time/motivation to pull off.

If you can agree to take a break from the conventional gifts of buying her clothes or jewelry, ponder on driving her to a professional makeup studio or have one come over for home service.

Luckily, Mother’s Day happens to be on a Sunday.

You can make it your mission to have her look exceptionally beautiful this Sunday, by booking her a makeover session, courtesy Mother’s Day celebration.

4.      Laundry & Cleaning Services

Demanding as a 9-5 office job might be, it doesn’t compare to the task of running a home 24/7 every day, year in, year out. What’s more? It is done completely pro-bono.

If you truly want to gift her something thoughtful, something she’ll truly appreciate, the answer is in the unconventional things; as unconventional as getting a laundry service to take this chore off her plate.

There is a guarantee she will appreciate this thoughtful and unconventional gift idea.

 5.      Hotel Staycation All By Herself

Picture her in a robe, the bed sheets are white too, the room is well aerated, the pillows are soft, the view is amazing.

She wakes up, well rejuvenated, calls on room service, she is served breakfast, after which she sits in the bath for about 30 minutes, sipping wine, reading a good book.

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She leaves the bath when she feels like leaving and walks over to the balcony to take in the hotel view.

Think she’ll like such a gift?

Staycations are the new rave and this Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to book her a staycation at a decent, not necessarily expensive hotel, all by herself.

Like you know, being a mother is the hardest job in the world because there’s no break from it.

This might just be the most endearing gift anyone can receive on Mother’s Day.

6.      A Good Sleep Without The Kids Disturbing

There are a few things someone who is the always last person to go to bed and the first to wake up will appreciate more than the gesture to get a good day’s sleep without the kids disturbing as always.

In fact, this is the idea to kill two birds with one stone.

Get in the good books of the kids too by driving them to a close family or relatives for the weekend—they’ll love you for the needed change of environment you just gave them— and then, your big baby can have a quiet house to take the long-awaited, deeply desired full sleep her eyes need. Thank me later.

7.      Money As Mother’s Day Gift

Chances are that she has been admiring some items, but has been holding off because she doesn’t want to strain resources that could have gone to one family need or another.

Whether or not this is the case, money is always a good idea. There is no human woman who wouldn’t like her phone vibrating to the sound of credit alert; most of all, from you.

Want a Mother’s Day gift idea that’ll plaster a lasting smile on her face, just send her money.

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