I met my wife, Aramide, during our university days, although we hardly spoke to each other because she was among the female nerds who refused to talk to boys all in the name of been serious with their studies. So many times I tried getting close to her but she always shut me out with no audience at all. So I gave up, but never stopped loving her from a distance.

Fortunately, Aramide and I were posted to Delta state for our NYSC programme and that’s where it all began.

We became very close friends and from there we started dating after I had to prove my love to her in so many ways. Aramide told me how she has always wanted to let me into her life during our school days but couldn’t because she had promised herself to remain a virgin till her wedding night, as that is the best gift she could give to her husband. Hearing her side of her story, I promised myself I would help make her dreams come true because I really loved her.

The night before our NYSC programme was over I and some of my friends had a get-together party and there and then, I proposed to my beloved girlfriend Aramide and she said yes. We travelled together to Lagos to present the good news to our families of our intention to get married soon and both families supported our union. On the 4th of August 2012, I got married to my beloved wife. At first, it was sweet but as years rolled by without kids, we both became worried and trust my mother; she made it a big issue because I’m her only son.

Four years gone and we are yet to conceive, although we have sought medical attention and we found out that my wife has an Irregular menstrual cycle, which lead to an issue of ovulatory disorder, and is the cause of her infertility. Currently, she is undergoing medical treatment but my mother has lost her patience and asked me to marry another wife since she can’t give her a grandchild…

Dr Nordi please advice me on what to do. I don’t want to lose my wife or disrespect my mother.

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