lesson tutor for your-child How to know if you need to hire One
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Have you been thinking about your child’s academic performance, and wondering if he needs a lesson tutor?

Your child goes to school every weekday. After which they come home with a load of homework, so they are always inclined to stay within the realms of knowledge.

Yet they are not doing as well as you would have loved them to. It still feels like there’s an academic gap missing. Sounds familiar?

Perhaps it’s time to explore the option of a lesson tutor.

Signs to know if you need to hire a lesson tutor for your child include:

1.      Your Child Needs Help Solidifying The Basics

One of the main reasons children fall behind is inability to grasp basic fundamental knowledge.

Neither can you expect schools to teach children the basics forever.

This means that your child may be one of those who take a bit longer to grasp concepts.

It’s like trying to learn about 3D shapes, data visualisations, or algebra when you are unable to understand basic addition and subtraction.

This is where tutoring comes in.

Giving your child a bit of extra time with a lesson tutor to build a solid foundation of understanding of basic concepts will give them the tools they need to improve their academics.

Furthermore, a lesson tutor can assess your child’s knowledge and spot gaps, which schools might not have the time to uncover.

2.      Their Grades Are Beginning To Drop

If you notice that your child’s grades are slipping; this can happen due to a variety of reasons.  It may be a sign that they need the intervention of a lesson tutor.

As your child gets older, he or she will be given bulkier and more tasking schoolwork each year.

And for many students, it’s not the easiest thing to adjust to this, so don’t get stressed if you see their grades slip.

However, if you noticed a gradual or sudden decline in your child’s grades? They used to do so well in mathematics tests!

Why, are they now suddenly, getting Cs on every test?!

A decline in grades can be due to a number of factors, for which you should try making an appointment with your child’s teacher.

He or she would be in a position to advise you better on the problem points, hence your next line of action.

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They will point you to the exact problem areas.

For instance, the reason for their poor grades could be evidence of your child’s struggles with reading comprehension, or has difficulty memorising their multiplication tables.

Also, it could be a sign that your child is distracted and isn’t paying attention in class anymore.

Whatever the reason for their dropping grades, it’s important that you get your child a lesson tutor as soon as your attention is drawn to it. This will help your child can get back on track before it reflects on their report cards.

3.      Your Child Is Acing Homework But Failing Tests/Exams

Getting high marks on assignments/in-class participation but then doing poorly in exams can be a very frustrating experience for many school children.

This is because test preparation is a skill that not every student is able to process what needs to be done before a test in the same way.

If your child is excelling in everything else but tests and exams, it could be the sign that it’s time to consider hiring a tutor.

Once equipped with the skills on how to approach studying, and preparing for a test, your child can apply those skills to multiple subjects, thereby improving their grades for good.

A good tutor imbibes the unique ability to change the course of a child’s education.

Even if the tutoring isn’t permanent, a few sessions can help provide know-how they may not have had otherwise, giving them the ability to problem solve for the future and ace all exams.

4.      Your Child Is Unorganised

A trait more common with young students is the struggle with issues like their time management, goal-setting, and prioritisation skills.

Your child may be undoubtedly intelligent but lack the organisational skills required to stay organised and as productive.

If you were to hire a lesson tutor, he/she can help slow things down for your child by teaching them how to adequately schedule their time and prioritise.

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Also, consider things like what assignments should be done first or how best the child can stay organised (is it a list in a planner, a visual board in the home, a smart planner, or something else?).

Having a lesson tutor that will take the time to teach your child these essential skills, (something that a teacher might not have the bandwidth to tackle), will likely make a huge difference in your child’s education and life in the long.

5.      You Want To Broaden Your Child’s Education 

Schools have a strict curriculum to follow, and so, are often building knowledge to pass national or yearly in-school exams.

While they may be able to provide a wide range of knowledge, you may find that they often lack resources to provide additional focus on topics your child might be interested in.

If your child really wants to explore a subject in-depth, chances are they will not get the chance to do so in class, which is something a tutor can help with.

With a tutor dedicated to your child and planning lessons based on their specific needs, they will likely have more time to deep dive into subjects your child is passionate about.

Tutors can therefore provide your child with a wider range of knowledge and potentially help them discover new passions and become more creative and educated.

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