Tonto Dikeh and her son
Tonto Dikeh and her son

“I will remarry.” This was top Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh’s response when asked in a recent interview on PREMIUM TIMES if she will give marriage a second shot.

Please read excerpts from the interview below

On Motherhood

I heard motherhood is difficult but I think my son and I share a special kind of love that makes everything easy. Its not that I don’t get stressed out or mad at him sometimes. I do but the love and the grace of God is sufficient for both of us.

 The secret behind her glow

 Well, firstly I am born again and when you have God you just radiate. So all the glow is from within; you don’t fake God’s glow. You also can’t fake God’s glory because it overwhelms you. I don’t know how to say what I want to say but when God steps into a situation or your life he elevates you and makes you see things in a different light so the glow you see is all God. I am a radical for Christ.

On adjusting to life in Abuja

I thought I could never live outside Lagos because I thought everything outside Lagos was too slow. I need that slow life now because nobody is my face and neither am I in other people’s faces. I’m changing my circle of friends and redecorating my life so I needed that space.

On maintaining her privacy

I have always been a very private person and anything that people say about me is what they want to make up. No one truly knows me, no one knows what I eat or don’t eat. No one knows me and the only thing about me that is being made public is what I post on social media. So, if I don’t post it, disregard it.

Tonto Dikeh poses with son

On being born again and social media backlashes

Well, even if I wasn’t born again they will still come for me. You see, the devil cannot steal from an empty barrel; you have to be fully charged. I will go through a lot of things, whatever is happening now this is nothing compared to what is yet to come. What I have seen is not even half of what will come in the future. I am ready for more; there will be worse to come and I’m ready for it. When God prepares you in a different kind of way, I can fight my battles on my own strength.

On marriage

Love is a beautiful thing and love is exquisite. So, of course, I will remarry once I find true love.