how to make your child trust you enough to tel you everything

Do you want your children to trust you enough to tell you everything? You need to realise that getting your children to trust you enough to tell you everything won’t happen overnight.It takes a deliberate and conscious effort to build trust because it is earned.

So how can you win your child’s trust 100%? Here are a few tips to guide you below


Listening (really listening) helps to foster a trusting environment. If a child feels like he is listened to, he can feel secure in trusting you with the little stories, and eventually the bigger stories. By listening, you have to be present. Spend uninterrupted time where your child is 100% the focus on your attention. Just see what happens

Be Calm

Don’t be quick to react when your child tells you something rather ‘shocking’, ‘surprising’ or unexpected. If you react, albeit angrily, no matter how ‘bad’ the ‘revelation’ is, your child may not open up to you any longer or will begin to hide things from you so you don’t react harshly. Rather than express disappointment, chill and then have a frank talk with your child. If you need to seek counsel afterwards, please do.

Always tell the truth

Not telling the truth is the quickest path to losing the trust of your child. The real challenge is discerning how much of the truth to tell. Your reply to children’s tough questions should always be both honest and age-appropriate. This is totally up to you to decipher.

Keep your promises

I know this is a tough call, but if you say something, mean it. Not only does this foster an environment for trust to bloom, but it also models an important behavior for kids to follow. Rather than make a promise you can’t keep, surprise your child instead.

4 | Love unconditionally

Love your child unconditionally and focus on loving them for who they are – achievements, mistakes, and everything in between.