How to maintain your sanity as a mum

How do you maintain your sanity as a mum?

Do you even think it’s even possible to have some form of sanity when you become a mum?

Well, we think you definitely can maintain your sanity, if you are intentional about it.

Whether adjusting to a new baby, tending two toddlers or balancing all four kids, ‘mum life’ can drive anyone crazy.

In fact, there isn’t a long-term role more stressful than motherhood.

And it gets worse knowing you have to run this full-time job on top of your other responsibilities at work, church, your extended family, etc.

Below are 7 tips to help you maintain your sanity as a mum

Do something you’ve always enjoyed before being a mom

Make a list of all the things you loved to do before you became a mom.

It could be playing dancing or hanging out with close friends; then do at least one of them.

We’re often so committed to being moms that we almost get lost and completely forget who we were before we became mums.

We neglect other aspects of our lives, especially those we used to enjoy.

Sure, we work, especially since the alternative means not getting paid, but some hobbies, like reading, are easy to do during the week while others mean scheduling it in your calendar.

But don’t let that stop you. Buy that movie ticket, schedule that yoga class, start that DIY home project.

Don’t feel like you’re stuck or have lost yourself. Even a few hours rekindling old hobbies apart from motherhood can help you regain your sense of self.

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Don’t mummy alone

Bottling your emotions is never healthy. You’re putting on a facade while denying what you feel to emerge.

You have to get those feelings out. Vent to trusted friends, family or online mum groups like FABMUMNG about losing your patience with your toddler, or feeling overwhelmed with chores.

I guarantee there’ll be someone else that has gone through the same thing and will be able to relate.

Ask others for help. What advice can they give to make your to-do list feel less overwhelming?

Also, don’t forget to involve your spouse or partner in the parenting responsibilities because it takes two. It should really take two.

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Start a daily journal

Writing is the cheapest therapy out there and it’s so powerful too.

Any time you feel out of sorts, pick up your diary and pour your heart unto the pages.

I assure you’ll immediately feel lighter from having done so.

Thousand of mums have daily testimonies of how jotting in a journal almost every day

The thing is, I hardly ever read through old journals, but the act of writing one will help you sort overwhelming feelings. Remember your goals and appreciate simple moments.

Possible things you can pen down may include:

  • Daily plans
  • Something you did today that you’re proud of
  • Awesome things that happened during the day
  • Things you’re grateful for
  • A list of tasks that are overwhelming you.
  • Your short-term and long-term goals

Once you get started, you’ll find it’s not as difficult as you might think!

Find you some entertainment

Podcasts, music, and other forms of entertainment can be all you need to keep your sanity as a mom.

Listen to podcasts or audio books while shopping for groceries, cleaning the house or doing that laundry.

Reading is another awesome way you can maintain your sanity as a mum. You can choose to wind down each day by reading a book, whether fiction or non-fiction. Well, that is if you have the time.

Relax during nap time

Do you think the moment you successfully get baby to sleep is a perfect time to scramble around the house, trying to do all the things you couldn’t while the baby was awake?

Well, don’t! Nap hours are not really the perfect opportunity to get as many things done around the house as possible but also the perfect time for you to get some good undisturbed rest.

At some point, this may be your only chance to do so. Those bibs need to get washed and the dishes wiped clean, but engaging in house chores when you should be resting amounts to neglecting your own self-care.

Instead, do one task, or allot only 15 minutes of chores, for each nap.

If washing the pump parts is the most important, then tend to that. Or load the dishes and clean the kitchen up to 15 minutes only.

Then, use the rest of the time to relax. It may take time to get used to this routine, especially if cramming chores has been your routine, but you’ll find yourself less stressed when you can let go of more tasks.

Find time-saving meal and chores hacks

Chores and meal preps are some of the most time-consuming tasks we have to do.

When you feel your sanity slipping, find ways to streamline and make household tasks more realistic and doable.

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Here, we will advise you accept help and ask for help.

Hire a nanny, a driver, a cook, a cleaner, invest in a good washing machine or vacuum cleaner to help ease the pressure and maintain your sanity as a mum.

For instance, there are millions of excellent and non-complicated meals that take less than an hour to prepare.

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In addition, you can do the basic chores during the week and reserve deep cleaning for special occasions.

Remind yourself of all the good things you’ve done.

You can go crazy when you think about all the things you still have to do. Instead, make a list of all the good things you’ve done.

Start with today or yesterday: Write all the things you accomplished, no matter what aspect of your life. It could resemble:

  • Didn’t lose my cool when two out of three kids started the day by whining
  • Bought our weekly groceries
  • Practiced writing, spelling and numbers with my twins
  • Cooked a quick dinner

When you write all you’ve done, you realise you’re doing a fantastic job, no matter what your to-do list says!

Go easy on yourself and realise that you’re doing much better than you give yourself credit for.