Leading dairy brand, Hollandia, recently launched a week campaign to spotlight, celebrate and reward teachers.

The reward is for the critical role they play in shaping the minds, future of children.

Also it highlights their unwavering dedication and commitment to this task.

In view of the Teachers Appreciation week, the brand Hollandia engaged in various activities to express gratitude towards teachers.

Spreading Laughter And Memories

The campaign takes a digital engagement format with a series of sharing relatable teacher memes that resonate with Nigerians.

Also, at the core of the event is a plight to spread laughter and warm memories in recognition of teachers’ dedication to their jobs.

Also, it extends an invitation to the public to participate in an online challenge of “Best Teacher Awards: Unforgettable Teachers” via Hollandia social media handle.

Participants were also encouraged to nominate a teacher worthy of appreciation rewarding about 57 teachers in total.

Teachers were rewarded with special Hollandia gift package delivered directly to their schools.

The goal was to emotionally connect with teachers and remind them of how much everyone appreciates their consistent effort to impact knowledge on children and their unwavering dedication to the craft.

Speaking on the strategic engagement, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, Marketing Director, Chivita Hollandia Limited stated that the Hollandia brand was leading on all fronts.

The brand takes bold steps in recognising the role and impact of various stakeholders and their contributive efforts to teaching.

“This initiative reinforces the brand’s promise to provide dairy power to its consumers.

“Hollandia products contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from dairy, which gives consumers the Dairy Power they need to stay ahead in their daily activities,” she added.

Gloria Nwabuike is the Category Head, Hollandia and Snacks. She emphasised that teachers’ unwavering dedication to education was truly inspiring, and commendable, serving as the bedrock foundation as life takes shape.

Also, in different stages of life, there is a learner and a teacher in the process.

Providing Dairy Power

In the same vein, the Hollandia dairy brand continues to provide nourishment to consumers at different stage of life while delivering the right amount of Dairy power to help them stay ahead in their daily lives.

Furthermore, the campaign is aimed at inspiring and enabling consumers to achieve their daily goals.

Indeed, the Teachers Appreciation campaign reinforces the brand’s promise to provide dairy power to its consumers.

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Hollandia products contain the vitamins and nutrients from dairy.

These give consumers the Dairy Power they need to stay ahead in their daily activities.