Happy Biscuit

No more arguments with your kids about them eating biscuit as long as they can eat it this way. And no, we didn’t bake the biscuit ourselves so don’t worry yourself. The presentation alone is enough to draw the attention of a child


  • 1 pc(s) Newbisco Coaster Biscuit 32 g Pack Of 120
  • 1 pc(s) Orange – 3 Pieces
  • 1 pc(s) Strawberry Pack
  • 1 pc(s) Banana
  • 1 pc(s) Carrot ~1 kg


  • Slice the banana, strawberry and orange and set aside.
  • Carve the carrot to the shape of a mushroom.
  • Carefully arrange the fruits around the biscuit and serve.
  • All the ingredients are available here – http://goo.gl/yVdzB1