Mmachukwu Omonode founder of Somma's Yummies
Mmachukwu Omonode founder of Somma’s Yummies

We are excited to be kicking off the Fabmumpreneur series with the beautiful Mmachukwu Omonode. She is a Baby Food Entrepreneur, Child Nutrition Advisor, aspiring Public Health Specialist, Child Care Blogger and a prolific health writer. She is also the CEO of Mahauty Health Solutions and Founder of Somma’s Yummies-a range of high-energy nutritious baby food products. In this interview, she tells us the story behind Somma’s Yummies as well as her entrepreneurial journey. Somewhere in this article is a freebie from this mumtrionist to our fabulous readers.


Can you please tell us the inspiration behind your Somma’s Yummies?

I have a cute daughter named Somma Marmara Omonode who I exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of her life. When it was time to start her on solid foods, I didn’t like the idea of feeding her commercially made cereals full of preservatives and artificial ingredients. I wanted to feed her healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals that are savoury as well. I couldn’t find any baby food brand that met this need on the shelf of any of any Nigerian market and supermarket. So, I started researching, experimenting and developing recipes with locally available staples. Overtime, I came up with mind-blowing recipes that will satisfy her stomach, appeal to her taste bud but also meet her daily nutrient requirements.

Mmachukwu and her lovely family
Mmachukwu and her lovely family

Was that your aha moment?

Yes it was around that time, I realised that many other Nigerian parents had a similar challenge. I saw this as a strong need so I created a solution for it by developing a range of innovative baby food products to address this need. I took it upon myself to give Nigerian infants and young children access to healthy, nutritious, fun and affordable meals right from the very start.


How do you create the time for your business?

Hmmm. No one actually told me how demanding this was going to be being a mother, a wife, a business owner, a leader in church etc. I would say, the Holy Spirit has been doing wonders in my life. I can’t even say how I handle all these excellently but for the Holy Spirit. I actually don’t separate them that much. I could be taking orders online while breastfeeding (lol). During family gisting time, hubby does the sticking of the stickers while Somma and I hand the stickers over to him etc.

Somma's Yummies baby food range
Somma’s Yummies baby food range

Have you ever been a full-time career mom?

No. I left my full time job before Somma came forth. I was actually managing the medical laboratory of a private hospital. But, when I found out that my passion in the medical field was not in the diagnostic but rather in the preventive, I quit and set up Mahauty Health Solutions; a health promotion social enterprise for infants and young children.


What is your motherhood challenge and how you overcame it? 

I’m always speechless when it comes to motherhood stories o because no one told me o. There are so many challenges attached to being a mother. The greatest of them all for me is being a mother and handling a tasking venture like mine – I mean its draining and overwhelming. But being an overcomer that I am, I get around it perfectly well.  I delegate duties quite well. I multitask exceptionally and I pray a lot. Yes, prayer clears your head and gives you direction. When I can’t take it anymore….I kabash…I speak in tongues. That’s my secret!


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So many moms are currently interested in giving their babies home made organic food. What do you think I responsible for this shift?


The bible says, “My people perish because of lack of knowledge”. To your question, I would first say,” knowledge has come. Light has come.” We all now know that going the natural way is the healthier way. People now know that nutrition is the chief cornerstone for good health. How did this knowledge come about? Technologically advanced research and development in the manufacturing sector has continued to progress, with an increasing concentration on health. This has led to a fast growing trend among Nigerians for healthy and unique food products. There’s a huge concern now about developing childhood undernutrition, obesity or other unusual cardiovascular diseases. This has got many parents on the constant look out for better, healthier and more wholesome baby food and nutrition solutions.


The breastfeeding versus formula debate continues. What are your thoughts on it?

Well, I don’t think about it too deep. A cow breastfeeds a calf, so why shouldn’t humans breastfeed their babies? It’s simple! Human milk is for the human baby and cow milk is for the calf! I’m a strong advocate for exclusive breastfeeding. In fact, I run a Facebook group with over 2000 parents where I mentor mothers on this. I see breast milk as nature’s perfect food from God Himself to babies. Breastfeeding to me is the winning way for life. Do you know I still breastfeed my over 15 months old baby? Oh yes, and will do so till she clocks 24months or even beyond.


How will you describe your style of parenting?

Godly, gentle, yet disciplinary.

Startup capital is an issue for most Mumpreneurs. Was yours any different? 

You know, I have cried to God in my closet severally for same purpose. There is so much to do. They’re so much to achieve but all of that needs money… a whole lot of money. In fact, it is a very scary amount….lol. But then, I can’t complain because he who gave me the one that got me to this level, will surely complete what He started. God didn’t bring me this far to abandon me. I’m the seed of Abraham. Prosperity is my heritage.  The wealth of the gentiles belongs to me. I will get by…

Somma's Yummies Baby Youghurt
Somma’s Yummies Baby Youghurt

In what ways does your hubby contribute to your business?

My husband contributes to my business in all the ways a hubby should contribute to his wife’s business. What we women haven’t realised is that, just like the word wife, the word husband means something. It’s either you have a husband or you don’t. Mine is a husband. He knows who a husband is and he fulfills that responsibility perfectly!


 Finally please describe a fabulous mum in your own words?

A fabulous mum is that mum who depicts everything she wants her child to be. She represents everything she wants to see in her child. A fab mum sets the pace for her child, lives her dream so her children won’t be afraid to live theirs and is her children’s number 1 role model!



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