Iro and Buba can be rocked in several chic ways and in this article we will show you just a few of them. Iro and Buba is one trend that has transcended generations and has evolved over the years.
Unlike most trends, Iro and Buba is never out of fashion. Although Iro and Buba has its roots in western Nigeria, its appeal cuts across all tribes and ages.
Here are 6 chic ways you can wear your Iro and Buba

In September 2017, Ready-To-Wear brand Alainé by Celine  released a collection titled Virgo featuring a range of pieces which put a new spin on the traditional Nigerian womenswear classic, the iro, and buba. It featured a fusion of Western and Nigerian styles, including a mix of Ankara, crêpe, organza and striped shirts. Zoila-Top-and-Faux-wrapper-set-Alaine-by-Celine:fabmumng


Fashion designer, Wanni Fuga, also put a spin on the Iro and Buba in this beautiful wine fringe number


Omoge Creation has also come up with this creative trend of infusing frills into Iro and Buba

Omoge Creations Frill Iro and Buba

Turfah’s Iro and Buba features volume enhanced blouse styles – bows, ruffles and the rich colour tones of silk fabric.


Tiffany Amber’s Rola Iro and Buba, with the buba flaunting one of your arms, the bucket sleeve on the other arm, the silk fabric sitting comfortably on your skin, you’ll attest to the fact that this is another chick way to style this trend.

There you have it mums. Which of these Iro and Buba styles do you love the most? Do tell us in the comments