black boy baby and mum
black boy baby and mum

Dear mums, you never know what you’ll miss most about your baby when he or she isn’t a baby anymore.

We present you 5 you will miss about your baby when she grow up:


1.How they follow you everywhere (even the bathroom).
No one ever told you that having kids meant never being able to go to the bathroom alone again. But someday, you will be able to shut the bathroom door again. And you know what? It might feel a bit lonely.


  1. How they always end up in your bed.
Now your kid stumbles into your room and climbs into your bed. It might be uncomfortable and risky to sleep next to a little human that could potentially punch you in their sleep. One day, your bed will be kid-free and you might miss having him snuggle with you for hours.


  1. How they can’t be with anyone but you.
Today they don’t like to be apart from you. In a few years, they will be too busy with play dates and preschool to even hang out with you.


  1. How they are always asking questions.
They can ask the craziest questions now, like “Does poop taste like chocolate?” and “Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as us?”. When they’re older, they’ll probably ask fewer and different questions; more like “Are we there yet?” and “What are we having for dinner?”.
  2. How their toys take up so much room.They might trade in their huge, bright colored toys for Legos… then you’ll miss the big toys. Let me tell you, the pain of stepping on a Lego brick makes childbirth feel like a day at the spa. The smaller toys of older children are not necessarily better.
  3. Culled from scarymommy