Are you looking for free educational websites for kids that you can introduce to your child or children? There are a few we can share with you that will suit this your desire.

Aside from educational purposes, mobile gadgets have been a source of entertainment for kids through events like kiddie shows, cooking shows and lots more.

The internet, the primary source of entertainment and information, can do more harm to kids if it is not used correctly.

Allowing only educational details on your kid’s devices or gadgets is best advised.

The advancement of technology has made apps and websites available for any aspect of life.

There are apps to navigate your financial life (e.g. piggy vest for saving), spiritual life (e.g. Youversion bible app for devotions), psychological life (e.g. meditation apps).

There are also free educational websites for kids that help engage your kids in school activities during weekdays and weekends.

It helps to keep them busy and learning.

The website only requires a data connection, while everything else is free.

The popular and free educational websites are;

1.  Duolingo

This is an educational technology founded by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker. It offers language certification.

Duolingo’s website enables your kid to learn a different language besides the mother tongue, which earns its name “Duolingo”, meaning “dual language”.

It has over 40 languages, which include French, Spanish, English and other less-studied languages, e.g.

Swahili and Irish. The website isn’t time-consuming, as you can tweak your learning to fit your schedule.

2.  Quick Math

QuickMath helps your kid get instant solutions to math problems that may seem complex, such as algebra and equations.

It helps them learn beforehand and assist in their assignments for better understanding after class.

3. Highlight Kids

Highlight Kids is a website where kids play games, discover new jokes, develop crafts, find answers to science questions and learn new recipes that might pique their interest.

4.  Brain Pop

It is an animated educational site for kids that covers science, social studies, English, Maths, Arts, Music, Health and technology. Sign-up and access are complimentary.

5.  Khan Academy

It was created by Sal Khan in 2006. It’s 100% free without ads and subscriptions.

This website engages kids in writing, reading, science, language literacy and math. It encourages creativity, too.

In conclusion, these free websites available for your kids should be adequately maximised by the kids because they are tricky.

Also, monitor their progress and assess them personally to ensure they are learning or studying.

Furthermore, websites like QuickMath might make them lazy, since there are provided answers to questions. However, ensure they try solving the queries before and after looking up answers.

As always said, “parenting is intentional.”

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