There are several fun ways to wear print. From geometric, floral, mirror, or animal prints, you can’t go wrong with prints. Not only does a print outfit add some spark to your wardrobe, it is also very versatile.

Go easy on prints

Always stick to one print clothing at any time and keep the rest of your outfit plain. Whether it’s a one-shouldered dress, leggings or a waistcoat, feel free to go as colourful and bold as you like, as long as you don’t incorporate block colours into the mix. Animal prints should be teamed with black alone and you can only wear only one type of print at a time.


Fit matters

An oversized garment with an oversized print will only make you look like a stuffed pillowcase. If a fitted dress teamed with leggings are your absolute staples, invest in a pencil-thin leather belt to flatter your best assets.


Size Matters

Large prints give the impression of a greater surface area, so avoid if you are of a big boned or fat. Stick to smaller patterns instead. The smaller the print, the smaller the frame appears to the untrained eye. Choose florals with flowers that are no larger than your hand span.


 The right print

Balance your one print outfit by adding accessories in contrasting colours. Pairing a loud leopard pant with solid colours keeps your look balanced. Tribal prints are one of the biggest trends this season. Mix them with similar looking prints or with touches of metallic. Either way, you can’t go wrong. When buying floral prints during the colder months, go for one with a dark base like black or navy. This will allow you to easily pair with tights, sweaters and boots without sending mixed signals.

abisola kola-daisi in print outfit


-Pair a dark and moody floral outfit with a bold gold chain. Your necklace will stand out without and enhance your appearance.

– When you’re wearing patterns, simple accessories are the best option. Accessories and jewellery that are too busy will make prints look tacky.

-A vintage silver locket will be a great complement to a print dress. When selecting earrings, understated silver studs or gold earrings may work well, although more ornate earrings with matching colours can also add some visual appeal.

-Wear a belt that matches one of the colours in your dress. By contrast, black and white print dresses can work with nearly any accessory colour, but they always look appealing with a red belt.

-Pull your hair back to show off the jewelry and to emphasise the print