Did you know that an ill-fitting bra will make your breasts sag and leave you with sore necks all the time? If you have been wearing the wrong bra size all this while, not to worry as this article will show you six ways to choose a proper fitting bra next time you go bra shopping.

lady fastening her bra strap
lady fastening her bra strap

Determining the band and cup size:

To determine your band and cup size, you’ll need to take measurements. First, wrap your hands around your ribcage, directly and evenly under your breast. Also, measure your chest so the tape crosses over the fullest part of your breast. Take down your measurements and use it for selecting a bra.

The right bra should be close fitting:

Your bra shouldn’t be loose; it has to be close fitting for you to know it’s the right bra. At least, you should be able to get two fingers under the band comfortably. The band should do almost all the work; supporting the breast and  the straps.

Tips for finding the perfect fit of bra
Tips for finding the perfect fit of bra

If your bra cup has more space, your breasts should fill it completely:

Your breast should be able to fill your bra cup; if it’s either small or big then, you’ll need to go choose a size bigger. However, if it fits accurately, then you don’t need to change your bra. The part of the bra band between the cups must sit flat against your chest and not opposite without actually digging into your skin.

Flap your arms about and wave them around:

When you get a bra and the band rides up while your breasts begin to fall it means that you’ll need to adjust the shoulder straps, or make the band smaller. If the complaints persist, then, you need to go for a size smaller.

Consider your back fat:

If you are not a fan of back fat, then you’ll need to get a small bra that sits perfectly on your back. The straps will have to be small enough so as to ensure that the bra sits where it’s meant to be.

When wearing bra with an underwire, the wire must lay flat against your breastbone:

If the end point of your bra is not pointing towards the middle of your armpit then you’ll have to change the bra, as it’s not your size.