Mom and son working out

By Chinwe Obinwanne

Most Nigerian mothers lead busy lives and can barely spare some time out to visit the gym or even exercise.

This feeling is even more intensified with the thought of going to the gym to sweat out a few routines. You think Lagos traffic (For those in Lagos); you consider fatigue from a day filled with hustle and bustle; not to talk of the kids and the home front;and you are tempted to put workout at the back burner. That is where we’re getting it wrong, moms. You’ve to take care of yourself first so that you can be strong and healthy enough to take care of the rest of the family. You may be sneering now and saying “Well, I’ve been living this way and I’m still strong”, but truth is, most of the time you don’t get promptings in the deterioration of health and overall body performance until it is late.

Why wait till something goes wrong when you can prevent it? With consistent exercise and the right diet, you can lose weight if that is your goal; maintain a healthy weight, tone up and be in the best physical shape.

That said, I understand the stress in running off to the gym with a million things to deal with; so instead of taking you to the gym, I’m suggesting a way for you to bring the gym to you.

Here are a few basic things you need to get a great workout in every single day as a busy mommy.


Yes, it’s important that you are present in every way else the workout cannot happen. There are so exercises you can perform with the weight of your own body and knowing these exercises, and the number of repetitions and sets to do helps you plan an intensive yet equipment-free workout routine for the days you can’t get to the gym.

Bodyweight exercises are a must in every workout plan you get to have.



What is workout without some good music? Get your iPod or phone lined with your favorite music. Music helps take your mind off your workout and enhances your performance. I play my favorite songs in shuffle mode while I work out and it somewhat reduces the feeling of “work” in the workout and keeps my energy level up there.

Music is a great workout companion Photo:The fitness trainer blog


This is essential for the floor moves you will be performing. You don’t want to be rolling sweaty on the floor when it’s time to do some abdominal moves or even planks for that matter.

Yoga Workout Mat Photo:Ebay


No, weights will not make you look like Hulk Hogan. In fact, Health experts recommend that the average woman should do some amount of weight lifting at least three times a week. So you can go on and get two pairs of 3kg dumbbells for your routines.

A 2kg dumbbell is a great example

There are lots of exercises to perform with the dumbbells each targeting different muscle groups. It is, however, great to have these babies around to add a little oomph to your workout sessions and get the fat melting off faster than normal.

So there you’ve it, ladies. With these in stock, you can plan a great workout routine for 3-5days a week with variations in exercises depending on the muscles you’re targeting and your overall goal.

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