Do you want to help your child improve in math skills while having fun? YouTube has various channels dedicated to teaching mathematics engagingly and enjoyably.

From geometry to algebra, these 10 YouTube channels offer educational and entertaining content for children above five years old to learn maths.

Get ready to inspire your little mathematician with these exciting channels!

Here are 10 YouTube channels children above five years can learn Maths.

1.  Mathantics

Mathantics is a YouTube channel that provides fun and engaging math videos for children over five. The channel was created by a math teacher named Rob, who uses animated characters and real-life examples to teach various math concepts such as fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry. The videos help children understand math simply and interestingly.

2.  Numberphile

Numberphile is a YouTube channel dedicated to entertaining and engagingly exploring mathematics.

Basically, the channel features videos on various mathematical topics, from number theory and algebra to geometry and topology.

Numberphile is known for its ability to make complex mathematical ideas accessible to a general audience and has gained a large following among students, teachers, and math enthusiasts alike.

3.  Mashup Math

MashUp Math is a YouTube channel focused on making math concepts fun and engaging for students in grades 4 -12.

It offers a variety of videos, including tutorials, word problems, and interactive activities that cover topics such as algebra, geometry, statistics, and more.

The channel also features interviews with mathematicians, providing insights into the world of mathematics and the careers available.

4.  Mathologer

Mathologer is a YouTube channel run by Australian mathematician, Dr Burkard Polster. On his channel, he shares his love and passion for mathematics through engaging and thought-provoking videos.

Also, it features challenging puzzles and problems for viewers to solve and interviews with prominent mathematicians.

Whether you’re a math enthusiast or just looking to expand your knowledge, Mathologer offers a unique and engaging approach to learning mathematics.

5.  Eddie Woo

The channel features educational videos that aim to make mathematics exciting and accessible.

The track includes tutorials on various topics, from basic arithmetic to complex calculus. His engaging style and clear explanations have made him a favourite among students and teachers.

6.  Vi Hart

Vi Hart is a YouTube channel featuring a series of math-related videos to make math more fun and engaging.

The channel is run by Vi Hart, who is a professional mathematician and artist.

Her videos explore various mathematical concepts and ideas. Some are infinity, geometry, and number theory.

Her unique presentation style combines humour, music, and animation to create a visually stunning and engaging learning experience.

The channel’s videos suit children above 10 and adults interested in math.

7.  Pbs Infinite Series

PBS Infinite Series is a YouTube channel exploring mathematics’s beauty and wonder.

Hosted by Kelsey Houston-Edwards, the channel’s videos cover a wide range of topics in mathematics. From number theory to geometry and probability to chaos theory.

The channel aims to make mathematics accessible and engaging for everyone and to show how it underlies many of the phenomena we observe in the natural world.

The videos feature engaging animations and visuals to help explain complex concepts in a fun and exciting way.

Furthermore, the channel is produced by PBS Digital Studios, which creates various high-quality educational content on YouTube.

8.  Standupmaths

Standupmaths is a YouTube channel run by mathematician and comedian Matt Parker.

REally, this channels will help your young one learn maths.

The channel focuses on making math accessible and entertaining for people of all ages, with videos covering various topics from geometry to statistics.

In addition to instructional videos, the channel also features fun math challenges and puzzles that viewers can try.

The channel has over 1 million subscribers and is known for its engaging and humorous approach to teaching math.

9.  3blue1brown

3Blue1Brown is a YouTube channel that offers educational content on mathematics and programming.

3Blue1Brown’s videos explore complex mathematical concepts and theories.

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Basically, the creators use visually stunning animations and illustrations, making them accessible and engaging for viewers of all levels.

The topics covered on the channel include linear algebra, calculus, geometry, and neural networks.

The channel has over 4 million subscribers and is highly regarded for its clear and concise explanations of complicated concepts.

10.  Mindyourdecisions

MindYourDecisions is a YouTube channel that provides math-related content. These contents cover various topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus.

Also, MindYourDecisions covers game theory, probability, and statistics.

Indeed, it is an excellent resource for learners of all levels.

With over 1 million subscribers, the channel is a popular destination for anyone looking to improve their math skills or simply enjoy the beauty of mathematics.

These 10 YouTube channels offer a variety of engaging and informative content that will help you learn maths.

Interestingly, these contents are for children above five years old to learn and explore the fascinating world of mathematics.

From Mathantics’ fun animations to MindYourDecisions’ challenging puzzles, these channels will inspire a love for math in young learners.

Also, it will help them build a strong foundation for their future studies.

So, whether you need homework help or just some fun math facts, check out these channels and start your math journey today!