The key to good time management as a busy mum is forward planning. By this, we mean that a day before, plan and write out a list of things you need to do the following day. This saves you time and stress. As you get better at time management, you can begin to plan for a new week ahead of time. Also, don’t procrastinate; don’t wait until you are falling asleep tonight to plan tomorrow morning.

So, right now, as you are reading this begin to think about tomorrow’s plans. Where do you plan on going? Is there anything you need to remember? Please write it down and lock it down in your phone reminder. In the mean time here are a few time management tips that works best for every working mum.

Night Before Prep

While you are probably fagged out at the end of each working day, you can save yourself so much time and stress by planning ahead for the new day the night before. Here are a few ideas:

1.Do you have a school lunchtime table for your children? If you don’t have one, why not? Having a school lunchtime table saves you so many headaches especially when it comes to planning their school lunch. If you don’t, do send us a mail and we will send you a free lunch timetable for free.

2.Another time-saving hack for busy mums, is to prepare your children’s school bag/ backpacks a night before and place them close to the door a night before? That way your children can just grab the bags in the morning and off they go to school.Now you know mums!

3.As a mum, you must have a cleanup routine, which you carry out every night. So, before you go to bed each night, try as much as you can to put away all the clutters that must have gathered during the day. Examples include your children’s dirty clothes, toys, dirty dishes and even your clothes. By doing this every night, you save yourself so much time when you get the kids ready for school in the mornings. This tip is a must-do if you do not have any live in nanny. You can also include the kids and your spouse in the nighttime clean-up routine just so that everyone is involved.

4.Remember to also check your children’s communication book and ensure that they done their assignments. Even if, your spouse or someone else helped them with the homework, as a mum, it does pay to also check and certify that that it was properly done. Sign any school notes or slips the night before so that you don’t have to rush around and do it in the morning.

Next week Monday, we will publish the second part of this article which talks about how you can plan your morning better to save you time and eliminate stress to the barest minimum.

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