perter okoye and wife lola
Peter Okoye and his wife Lola

Fabmum had a quick chat with award-winning artiste, Peter Okoye (Psquare) on parenting and fatherhood.

In what ways does your wife, Lola, compliment you as a father?

She taught me a lot of things that I know and I am not going to deny that.

Really, she lets me know that a little mistake can hurt a child especially when done ignorantly.

She told me that when you bat an eyelid figuratively speaking in a second, your child might be prone to danger at that instant.

She is more careful than I am; I can use a toothpick and drop it on the table but she will help me see reasons why I shouldn’t have done so.

I am a careless person but she has corrected me and taught me so many things.

For instance, I can ask my son to bring my charger upstairs but again, she will give me reasons why I shouldn’t allow him come in contact with electricity so, I stopped.

I can be away for months and know that my kids are in safe hands.

What inspired the decision to become a parent?

My wife and I used to have dogs as pets and we were both so fond of them.

I think this one of the reasons why we decided to have kids.

The dogs became part of us that anywhere we travelled, we took them with us.

We grew so fond of them until one of them died and we felt it like a part of us was gone.

It was like we had our own bed next to a little bed for the dogs because they lived with us.

Lola always took one of them with her to work everyday and at some point they all began jostling to follow her to work everyday.

Although we decided to have kids later on in our relationship, my wife is always of the opinion that we have always had kids because of the bond with the dogs that’s why I say I wish I had the kids earlier.

What qualities do you admire in your wife?

I have a wife who knows I am stubborn and yet she loves giving me advice that keeps me in check.

For instance, when someone gives me an idea I would want to execute it almost immediately.

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When this happens, Lola would ask me to calm down and then break down the entire process for me by showing me the pros and cons.

Although we have a driver, she loves picking the kids from school herself whenever she is free.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I love her with all my life.