Mom vacation: how to travel without your kids

Mom vacation, every mom deserves to embark on solo budget-friendly trips without the kids at least once a year. You know need a mom vacation when you sense your healthy, usually cheerful and positive mummy vibes start slipping away.

So, if you’re a mum and are feeling stretched, overwhelmed, tired, be rest assured you are not alone. See what fellow mums have to say about how and why you should take a vacation as a budget-friendly mom vacation.



If your plan is to wait for the time when you stop feeling so guilty about wanting some solo time, away from your kids and all that responsibility, worry how the house will run, how your babies will fare without you around, I recommend you take a mom vacation.

But the act of taking a little mom vacation without your kids, and/or partner, is actually a positive thing to do. These types of solo holidays can work wonders for any mother. Being a mom is a full-time job, and what job doesn’t give you a few days off? So, the reasons why you should take a vacation as a mum?



Although most mothers consider their happy, healthy children to be the bounty reward of motherhood, it can still get tiring. Taking a day or a couple off of the 365 days in a year is only the right thing to do.

Sure, you might sometimes take trips with your whole family, but it’s still aluta continua considering it’s not really a break because you still have to shop and pack, keep tabs on them, and handle the eventual tantrums and snapbacks in a place you’re probably not familiar with. Don’t get me wrong, a family is good and necessary. They create amazing memories to be cherished and loved for years to come, as they tighten family bonds. But they’re not exactly mom vocation material; you need your own break alone to refuel in an environment that doesn’t require you to go full mum-mode every few minutes.

Taking a solo vacation will help prevent severe burnout, which can lead to more problems down the line: acute stress, anxiety, depression, etc.



It’s no news that many mothers are afraid of taking trips and leaving their families alone, worrying that they might go terribly wrong without them. But in other news, your family may actually benefit from your momcation, for very unconventional but legit reasons:



When you sign up for a vacation, you are bound to wonder if your significant other is up to the task, especially when you’re the one who usually handles the majority of the kids-related stuff but takes a chill pill and engages optimism. When you confidently leave your kids with your partner, you are demonstrating to them that you trust them. You are indicating that you know they can take care of things just fine in your absence. This will also prepare you for the likelihood of future situations that may be more high-stress or inevitable, where your partner will have to be in charge at home.

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It is most likely that you are the one your kids have the tightest bond with; I mean, you’re the one they see the most. Now, taking a vacation gives them a chance to bond with your significant other a bit more and create a balance.

So, you get the chance to reenergize, the kids experience a better bond with their dads or stepdads and within themselves, it’s a win-win for everyone here.



As the primary care-giver and home-runner, you do a great deal of work on a daily. Unsurprisingly, you yourself may not realize the full extent of the effort you put in, talk more of your partner getting it. A lot of what a mother does is considered an expected, given chore. In fact, you may express how the chores are so much that they are getting to you, and your partner may take that as you whining.

However, when you allow your partner to take the steering for once, it will open their eyes to see just how much you do and leave them choiceless but to appreciate all the work you put in.



Of course, being a mother will definitely be a large portion of your identity – but you shouldn’t let it be all of it. Thanks to this 24/7 parenting job, many mothers have been seen to grow unhappy and start losing their sense of self. It consumes them, becoming their entire personality; you don’t want to get here. There’s you aside all of this that also needs to be tended. When was the last time that you:


Consciously pampered yourself

Tried something new

Bought something nice for yourself

Finished a book or a Tele Novella

Focused on achieving your own personal goals

Hung out with the girls

Put your happiness first

Remember, you don’t need to go on an expensive trip to be with yourself and enjoy your own company. Plus, you take a vacay, you get to rediscover yourself. A time when you are alone with your thoughts, free to explore your hobbies and think about an individual life goal not tied to your family, you can go anywhere you want without worrying about child-friendliness, stay up as late as you want, watch whatever you want, go shopping, dining, and sightseeing without anybody to tend or clean after.


In plain terms, your children will gain maturity. No one is disputing the fact that your kids will miss you when you’re out on vacation. They’re used to you being around for them constantly, so they’ll no doubt feel your absence. It may take them a little while to get used to not having you around – but, in that brief amount of time you’re away, they will learn a lot and they will grow. So, don’t be surprised to come back and find them to be smarter, calmer, and much more grown-up.



Not just the kids will grow while you’re away on your vacation, but you as well. Traveling alone opens you up and helps you expand your horizons as an individual. You’ll have the chance to see, think, and experience in new, transformative ways and when it’s finally time for you to return home, you’ll be refreshed and ready to tackle everything. You’ll go from burned out to excited to get back to motherly tasks. And yes, getting back into the swing of things may be a challenge at first, but you’ll be well-rested and ready to get back in there.




Everything is better with a plan.

Roll out your Calender and start thinking about possible months/weekends that would be suitable for a trip. You can pencil in holidays and important events to determine when you can squeeze out time for yourself. It will be a nice treat to look forward to. Then decide whether you want to go alone or with friends. If going with friends, you can fix a meeting or open a group chat and start outlining the itinerary of your trip early enough.

Also, you need to keep your partner or/and whoever will take care of your kids in that period abreast and updated.

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If you are uncomfortable asking family and friends outright, why not put it on your wish list? And who knows? Someone with the means might be kind enough to surprise you on Mother’s Day or even on your birthday.

When your loved ones know that your priority is a mom vacation, they’ll know exactly what to give you when a good opportunity presents itself.



While staying in a lush hotel may be the first thing that will come to mind, you may have to think outside the box in you are operating on a thin budget.

If you have any friends or relatives who are out of town or have an uninhabited apartment, you may have just found yourself an ideal getaway destination. In situations where they aren’t doing to be used year-round, you may find it an ongoing offer of hospitality anytime you have an opportunity for a break. Minus room service and the other fancy stuff, a house is a lot more comfortable than a hotel.



What are the chances you’ll find a good deal, whether far in advance or last minute? For this reason, be sure to keep your eye out on various websites, getaway locations, and travel agencies for harness opportunities as soon as they drop.



Keep in mind that an ideal mom vacation will look different to every woman, and when you have an all-consuming and demanding job – like motherhood, taking some time to yourself is not a luxury but a necessity. It’s okay to get away from it all every now and then, and when your vacation is over, you’ll come home to the family you love so much!