pregnancy questions answered plus preg-insecurityEver heard of preg-insecurity?

One of the most truly beautiful things in life is crossing that bridge from womanhood to motherhood.

There is constant talk of the miracles of pregnancy and the pure joy of holding a child in your hands for the fist time, but there is little or no mentions of the insecurities that come with such times and change.

Agreed, it is quite difficult to admit how scared the idea of becoming a parent makes us, but saying it out loud would go a long way in helping you deal with that preg-insecurity.

The first thing you should realise is that it is perfectly okay and normal to have fears about motherhood.

Who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and run a capability check on themselves when they realise that they are going to be responsible for humans like them – so beautiful and yet fragile – for the rest of their lives.

But there is a limit and this preg-insecurity can be dealt with? Here are a few quick tips that might help you:

  • Do not be too quick to judge yourself. You are your own worst critic so admit that you are not always fair on yourself and might be better than you actually think you are.
  • Read all you can, Gather useful information on parenting because knowledge has a way of dealing with insecurities.
  • Focus on your strengths. The importance of this cannot be over estimated.

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  • Think of the brighter side of thing to kill negativity. Instead of wondering if you wouldn’t end up a failure as a parent, focus on how much smile your baby is going to bring into your life.
  • Admit you are not going to get it right all the time. You are human and it is normal to be imperfect
  • Finally, if you can’t deal with these insecurities and continue obsessing on how you might fail as a parent, quickly see a psychiatrist

Don’t ever forget; your emotional well being plays an important role in the development of your child.

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