Three crowns fitness challenge Everyone is WelcomeThree Crowns milk has unveiled its ‘30 Days Fitness Challenge’ for 2021, themed, “Everybody is Welcome.’’

It is the 5th year since the Three Crowns Fitness campaign began.

It encourages every Nigerian, especially mothers to live healthy lifestyles by cultivating healthy habits.

The campaign continues to serve as a platform to help mums and families to keep fit. Also, it emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle through nutrition.

The theme for the 2021 campaign is Everybody is Welcome.

It highlights the need inclusivity. By this, Three Crown is calling on people of every shape, form, size and sex to join the fitness challenge.

According to the Marketing Manager, Three Crowns, Omolara Banjoko, everyone is welcome.

All you do is work out with whatever unconventional and household tools in many exciting ways to keep fit.

She said “Three Crowns 30-days fitness challenge runs twice a year.

“It highlights the importance of healthy eating habits especially for Nigerian mums who prioritise the overall wellness of themselves and their families.

“So, for 30 days we will engage consumers within the confines of their homes with exciting workout routines to have a healthy heart”.

The campaign will hold from February 20 to March 30.

It will feature daily exercise videos targeted at consumers with different fitness threshold levels – ‘’Newbie (Beginners level), Wannabe (Standard level) and Pro (Advanced level) to exercise.

Fitness Challenge Requirement

Consumers are required to register on the brand website Three Crowns Fitness Challenge | Feminine Lounge.

They are to also join the WhatsApp and Telegram groups to connect with a fitness coach who is available 24/7.

The exercise videos will be available daily across the brand’s digital platforms.

Also, consumers are to recreate same and repost on their social media handles. They are required to tag the handle @3crownsmilk, using the campaign hashtag #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge.

Similarly, they can also share their videos directly on the WhatsApp and Telegram coaching groups.

Throughout the campaign, Saturday sessions will feature cardio dance exercises, which will be streamed real time across the brand’s social media pages.

During these sessions, Three Crowns will engage participants and reward them for participating in the weekly mini-workout challenge.

Three Crowns is the first milk brand to show care for mothers while acknowledging the important roles they play in the family.

The brand recognises that when mothers, socially believed to be primary care givers, are taken care of, this directly and positively impacts the care they give to their families.

The brand has thus given itself the patriotic task of encouraging women to eat and live healthy, thereby making fitness a lifestyle.

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