The premiere of Moms At War was a gathering of celebrities, male, female, young, old, casts of the movie, production team of the movie, well-wishers, critics and fans. If you were there then you belong to one of these set of people listed above.

But what is a movie premiere about moms, without moms representing physically and fashion wise. Because if you think moms do not know how to slay on the red carpet or at events, you might be wrong, these moms looked effortlessly beautiful.

We already wrote a review about the movie and you can read about it HERE.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch/ discuss with your mum friends, then Moms at War is a great choice.

I must, however, warn you this movie is much more than a feel-good movie. It will make you think deeply about your priorities and values as a mum.

Our top hot mamas at the Moms At War movie premiere, in no particular order, is