Easter: Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your KidsThe season of Easter reminds us of renewal, rebirth, eternal life and hope for the future.

Usually celebrated by Christians, it’s a holiday season everyone is enjoined to be a part of and relish the memories the season brings.

There are memorable ways to keep your kids engaged while having a good time.

Be In Church

If you are raised with strong Christian faith and have started attending church since the relaxation of the COVID-19 rules, then being physically in church is a good idea.

Being in church should be a ritual for Christian faithful and further helps kids understand the story Christ’s resurrection, while reflecting on the lessons and teachings the season offers.

That way, children better understand the focus of the season.

You can also choose to call or visit a family member.

If there are close family members you want your kids to be acquainted or they often don’t connect with, this is a good time to create that bond.

You may also want to introduce your kids to such people or relish old times; this will definitely create fun memories for kids that will last them a long while which forms a part of their childhood.

Home Decoration

Decorate the home and colour Easter eggs.

You can spend time drawing and creating ‘Happy Easter’ banners you can paste around the living room.

Your kids would need cardboard sheets, water colours and cutters to share in the excitement of the season.

Easter eggs decoration is not a part of our tradition; however, it is gradually becoming a part of us, as kiddies vendors put up egg painting packs for the Easter season.

You may want to grab one of these to create more fun for your kids.

Dress in matching outfits and take a family picture.

This is one image you will see in future and your kids will absolutely love.

Ensure to engage your kids in the matching outfit selection process for mum, dad, grandma and grandpa (if available).

Take a walk too around the neighborhood.

Let your kids feel the bond it brings. As much as this can be a regular for you and the kids, it’s also a good way to spend the holidays.

Plant A Flower

You don’t have to be a garden lover to think of planting a flower. It is an activity children would love to relish its memories with you.

However, planting reminds us of growth and rebirth, which the Easter season relishes. So, it’s as easy as digging up a hole, put a plant in, cover up, then water.

Children surely enjoy outdoor activities as this that helps them play in some dirt. Also, teach them how to constantly nurture the plant.

Choose to Bake. Baking with children definitely will come with its mess, but there lies the fun, excitements, thrills as children will learn, bond and you share memories.

If you have traditional recipes you may have inherited from grandparents or peculiar to your culture, this is the time to pass them down to your children.

Make Easter A No Devices Day

As hard as it may seem, it is absolutely possible. It’s a good way to teach the essence of family time and bonding.

However, to avoid getting so distracted with social media and totally enjoy the holiday with your kids, you should choose to turn off all devices.

Especially when you have both parents working and leaving the house early, thereby spending less time with the kids, paying less attention to your device means ample time for the kids.

Whichever way you choose to spend this season, do enjoy timeout with your kids and create fun memories for them.

Happy Easter celebration!

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia

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