Curious about extended breast-feeding? Here are 7 benefits of extended breastfeeding every breastfeeding mum must know.

It’s nutritious

Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding your baby until he or she is at least a year old however a lot of people think there is no nutritive value after a year. But this is false. According to Weiss a certified lactation counselor; Your baby will continue to benefit from the protein, calcium, fat, vitamin A and other nutrients in breast milk. In explaining further, Weiss compares the nutritional benefit of extended breastfeeding to eating a vegetable like Spinach. The amount of spinach you eat doesn’t take away from its nutritional value.

It boosts the immune system

Studies reveal that babies who are breastfed have a decreased the number of illness and lower mortality rates. Immunity benefits of extended breastfeeding include a reduction in ear infections and upper respiratory infections Breastfeeding your child does not just make your baby stronger, it also makes the mom healthier according to Weiss. Moms who breastfeed are less likely to have cancer and there’s also a reduced risk of ovarian cancer as well.

It makes moms healthier

Moms are healthier when they breast and are less likely to have breast cancer. The benefits are also very cumulative such that if a mom breastfeeds two babies for two years each, the benefit is equal to that of a mom who breastfeeds four babies each for a year.


It’s soothing to the baby

Breasting feeding is more soothing to babies compared to bottle-feeding. Breastfeeding helps connects the mom with her baby and it’s also a way of calming a baby in a stressful situation.

It’s calming for moms

Moms are known to be very busy and getting caught up with chores at home can be exasperating. However, when it’s time for nursing, it helps calm moms down according to Weiss.

It’s convenient

Weiss says; although, extended breastfeeding does take some planning, it can also be much more convenient than formula. It’s very easy for you to unhook your bra and nurse your baby than having to prepare a formula for your baby.