Potty training is one stage that involves a lot of dedication and consistency though some find it very easy. Often times, some mums are the reason why potty training is not yielding results, yeah, you will ask why right? You may ask, how can I be the reason despite watching youtube videos, reading from blogs, etc.? We will tell you how in this post.

Here are 5 reasons why your potty training isn’t yielding any results:

  1. You are starting before your child is ready. Pushing your child too hard and venting your frustrations makes your child frustrated in the process. Potty training your child might seem like a very good thing to do, to help your child but the child might not see it that way, instead, they see it as a punishment when you make them do it when they are not psychologically and physically ready for it.
  2. You are not paying attention to your child’s interest in potty training or otherwise. I.e., Is your child watching you use the toilet, is he/she inquisitive about using the (adult) potty, flushing it, etc. These are signs that your child is interested in what happens in the restroom and wants to join the party.
  3. You are not praising your child’s efforts or even rewarding each effort even when your child has a few (wee accidents). When your child makes run to the potty even after weeing on his/her body, what do you do? You instead of them know they have done the right thing, you ignore that little effort, they could be little but they are human too and they are very sensitive. If there is anything a child needs more, it’s an acknowledgement that they are doing something right. In the middle of it, you could chip in the timing lesson.
  4. You are not consistent with potty training. As such, when you try a few days and it seems as though your child is not catching up, which is normal, you give up, tell yourself maybe it is not time yet, you give yourself and your child a break and then by the time you decide to try again, your child has forgotten. So, it’s back to square one.
  5. You believe the ‘lie’ that you can potty train overnight and when this doesn’t happen you are overwhelmed and tired of potty training. You see a mum’s comment on a blog or on a page on how her child did not even let her train the child, and the child at 3 months old, walked to the loo him/herself, then you look at your child that is struggling to learn and the kind of work you are putting into it, you start feeling overwhelmed, you are forgetting that every child is different. Every child is different when it comes to potty training. Even twins & triplets adapt to potty training differently. Just keep up the good work.  Did you find this useful? Do drop a comment below or email us at info@fabmumng.com