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firm saggy breasts in 5 easy ways

Saggy breasts are every mother’s worse nightmare. Pregnancy brings about major changes in a woman’s body especially her breasts. Here are 5 easy ways to firm up saggy breasts without surgery.


Oil massage

Constantly massaging your breasts with Olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil will help firm your breasts especially when it becomes saggy. In addition, it will make your breast supple, beautiful and also improve blood circulation in and around it. Above all, a good oil massage will keep the connecting tissues of your breasts in good condition.


Eat lots of protein and fibre rich food

To ensure that your breast remain in tip-top shape you must pay attention to your diet. This is why it is important to consume a high protein and fibre diet. Introducing and ensuring that vegetables are a major aspect of your diet will not only ensure that your breast become firmer but your skin becomes beautiful to look at and touch.


Cucumber and egg masks to the rescue

Not many people are aware that masking your breasts with a paste of cucumber and raw eggs will ensure that it retains its elasticity. An age-long recipe, it entails blending some cucumber and eggs together. Refrigerate it afterwards overnight before you apply evenly around your breasts. Avoid leaving it o your breasts beyond 30 minutes, in fact, experts recommend leaving it between 15 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and wipe your breasts dry. You should begin to see major improvements under a month.


Ice massage


Popularly called Cryomassage, Ice massage helps boost the immune system and ensures that endocrine and neurohumoral system are in a good condition. It also helps firm up the tissues around the breasts. The process is pretty simple and straightforward: Rub some ice cubes against your breasts in a circular motion regularly. If you are unable to tolerate the cold/ice cubes directly on your skin consider crushing the cubes into a cloth and massage your breasts thereafter.



You can’t discountenance the benefits of regular exercise especially to the body and breast in particular.

Here are a few breast-firming exercises:


Push up

Start by lying straight on the floor with your chest facing the ground. Place your palms on the floor, just a little distance above your shoulders. Now, use your palms to push yourself up with your toes supporting at the lower end.

Push yourself up and down about 5 times; making sure that your chest doesn’t touch the ground when you go down. Try this about 10 times, with each set of 5 push-ups.

Arm Raise

To do this, simply stretch your legs about 200 cm apart. Then, you spread your arms as far apart as you can. Now, raise your arms above your head and make a clap with your palms before taking it back to your side. Make sure you keep your legs stretched and your palms meet above your head.

Make a count of 20 with your clap and do it for about 5 sets at different intervals.


Chest press

This is done by lying down on your back while holding 2 dumbbells of about 2 lbs. each just above your chest. Keep your arms steady for some seconds still holding the dumbbells before making both dumbbells meet at a low angle, almost on your chest.

Pull your arms back and forth at intervals making the muscles around your chest contract. You can do this exercise as much as 5 times per day to build the muscles around your breasts.



Swimming can help you build more muscles around your breasts too. By pushing against the water resistance, you’re making your chest muscles contract and develop. This will in turn help lift your breasts and make them firmer.

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