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What is your Christmas budget looking like? You don’t want to go broke after the festivities are over because January is almost around the corner + it’s a long month. If you get the drift. There’s school fees, house rent and many other responsibilities waiting for you and watching you in 3D. Fun is such a good thing; but unfortunately, the fun can be expensive. So, if you don’t want to go broke in the New Year, please draw up a Christmas budget and check out the tips below:


The first step to having your bank account not bleed in the name of Christmas is to make a budget, that will give you clarity on how much you can/want to spend.  Do this before you start going through your kid’s Christmas lists and before you head out to the market.  You can begin by making a comprehensive list of all the expenses you need to make, and then moving on to eliminate all the ones the house can survive without. The key to making a sustainable budget is making it a realistic-one that you will be able to stick to.


 Planning a Christmas budget is good, but conditioning yourself to stick to it is the only assurance that the aim is accomplished. Once you’ve drawn up your realistic budget, stay resolute to not spend a cent outside of it no matter how tempted you get. Keep track of all your expenses and never spend on anything that is not budgeted for. After all, that’s the reason why you drew up a list in the first place.


 Even the most disciplined people set up parameters to avoid temptations as much as is attainable. It’s a wise thing to do. In other words, planning an awesome budget, agreeing to stick to it can only do so much for your ‘not going broke plans’ if you still go around with a lot of cash in your purse. For each time you have to step out, do so with just enough money for the course and not a penny more. This way, you can efficiently control your spendings and not spend outside your budget.


Fictional as it may be, there is already a Santa Claus (Father Christmas) somewhere, and that person is not you. Not even in the area of buying Christmas presents or making those around you always happy, should breach the budget which you’ve already set. Include it in your budget, buying very affordable presents for your loved ones, or better still, making them one. You don’t have to gift everybody as your emotions might suggest and you totally don’t have to give the most expensive gifts.


 It is Christmas and it is expected that your kids, friends, and strangers will often come to you with their tales of need. As a way of ensuring you have a pleasant Christmas and not go broke this holiday, you need to master how to let your naira notes remain in your pocket. So, kindly turn down requests that will strain you- requests that are not on your budget. You most likely will feel bad at the moment but eventually, you’d be glad you didn’t succumb. Avoid ‘pay later’ purchases. It may be that you can’t really afford the item now. To prevent getting into a tight corner, why not save towards the purchase in the new year instead?


Another thing the season comes with is shopping sales. Lots and lots of them. Visit the stores with the best deals that you can find or better still, ask friends, they can lead you to good ones. Take your time to get the best deals on items you are looking for. Scan clearance aisles and sales shelves and racks for items that fit your Christmas budget. Don’t forget to keep your list with you at all times so as not to get tempted by the mouth-watering prices and shop outside of your list. A great example of a great Christmas bargain is this mouth-watering deal by Royalty Farm Fresh. Buy it and thank us later.


When you recall that no amount of merriment you engage in will be able to keep Christmas from showing up next year, and the year after that, it might help you slow down on those outing plans that lead to a lot of spending. So, unless you absolutely have to, you can skip the monumental outdoor family time to save you some money. There are diverse ways you can all together enjoy this year’s homecoming with your kids, without having to go to all those lavish places that endanger your funds. Click here to learn how.

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