Toddler nutrition: tips for picky eaters

Having a hard time with your toddler when it comes to meal times? Is your toddler a picky eater? If you can relate with these scenarios you may need to consider the following steps:

Lead by example:

Ensure that your choices of food are actually in line with what you want your child to eat. Inculcating this habit will ensure that your child learns from you and will also eat what you eat. Once he/she notices you enjoy eating those food they’ll definitely walk in that path.

Cook meals together:

Tasting your meals together with your toddler is awesome. Toddlers may seem not that intelligent but bear in mind they know what’s going on around them. Cooking together will definitely make your child taste his/her own creation. Toddlers can contribute my stirring, pouring or even tasting food.

Always show happiness when trying new food:

As discussed earlier children learn more from what they see, showing disgust/disinterest in a food can also make them dislike such food. It is therefore advisable that women especially mothers, show cheerfulness when they try new foods. A study found that mothers who showed (with their facial expressions, body language, or words) that they didn’t want to try a new food had children who also tended to refuse new foods (Carruth & Skinner, 2000). In short, your young child will probably be less willing to try something new if you haven’t tasted it.

Track your child’s sensitivity:

Take time out to study your child, ensure you know what he’s sensitive to. Carrying out the function of a psychologist is also the work of a mother, when you are aware of what your daughter is sensitive too, you will always keep him in mind when cooking. Take for example, your daughter is sensitive to boiled fish, you can grind it and add it to her food without her knowledge and see if she eats it or not. If she eats it then, she has probably picked up some phobia for seeing boiled fish.

Keep other meals close to the foods your child already likes:

Have your daughter or son lick, smell and also taste other foods. Expose him/her to other foods not just the regular foods she’s used too as she might probably not get used to any other food. Exposing your child to new foods will open her mind towards other foods and also create room for her to consider eating other food.

Ensure your child’s meal is ready on time:

Ensure that your child’s meal does not take time. Toddlers don’t like waiting for their food especially when they are hungry. Also ensure to keep mealtime short, 10minutes or so, let you child get up when he indicates he is finished eating.

Keep Healthy foods close to your child:

Expose your child to fruits and other necessary foods that contain nutrients for her upkeep. Healthy fruits such as strawberries, bananas. Put foods in bowls where your child can easily reach when he gets hungry.

Seek external help:

Talk to a health care provider as regards your child’s eating habits. You can seek an evaluation from them sometimes. Talking to health care providers will also broaden your knowledge about what and what your child should eat.


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