Potty training a boy made easy in 7 quick ways


The more colourful a potty is, the more attracted and attached your toddler becomes to it
The more colourful a potty is, the more attracted and attached your toddler becomes to it

Potty training a boy requires a lot of patience from your part as well some cooperation from your son. Unlike girls, a male child tends to adapt to potty training a lot later and slower. While some boys are already interested in being potty trained at 18months old, others will not be ready until their third birthday. In this article, potty training a boy is made easy in 7 quick ways


Let your son watch and learn:

Toddlers tend to learn by imitation, so what you do goes a long way in teaching them the basics of potty training. Your child might have seen his dad use potty differently than mommy and that gives you an edge to explain the basic mechanics of how boys use the bathroom. While talking about his body, be very anatomical. Teach him to call his penis “pee-pee”. Simply put, while every other part of his body don’t sound silly except his genitals he’ll know they are embarrassing.

Buy the right potty

It’s important for your child to be able to lean forward and backwards while sitting on a potty especially when he or she is having a bowel movement. Most experts advise that you buy child size potty which your child can claim ownership rather than sitting on a full size toilet. If you don’t prefer potty’s you can as well buy an adapter for your full size toilet and attach it to your toilet. Make sure it’s comfortable and attaches securely. When you want to get a potty ensure you get one without a urine gauge as it could bump into and scrap a boy’s penis when he sits on it.

Motivate with cool underwear:

Have your son focused on the benefits of being potty trained by taking him on special errand; you can shop for under wears together. Ensure you talk the outing ahead so you can get him excited, let him know he can get whatever he wants as well. See if he’ll try on his under wear over he’s diaper. Once he gets used to them, he’ll ditch the disposables.

Set up training schedule:

Having to get your toddler off diapers depends on whether your son is on daycare or preschool. At this point, you’ll have to coordinate your activities in relation to his school or daycare. You’ll still have to decide whether you want to use the back and forth method of switching between diapers and underpants or the cold turkey method of going to underwear fully. Listening to your doctor is also advisable, what he/she recommends also goes a long way, as you’ll have to decide what’s best for you and your son.

Teach him to sit first, then stand:

Your son needs to master the basic procedure of sitting before standing. Since bowel movements and urine often come the same time. It makes sense to have your son pee and poo at the same time in the potty before he’s taught on how to aim while using the toilet. Avoid letting him sit too long or getting distracted by other activities such as watching TV, or playing with a toy.

Set aside some naked time:

Set aside time for your toddler to get naked. Nothing helps your toddler figure out when he needs to pee or poo than letting him spend time bottomless. Put the potty in an accessible area while he plays and encourage him to sit on it at regular intervals. Watch him closely for observation and when you notice anything use those cues to suggest to him that its potty time.

Celebrate triumphs:

Your son will definitely meet some difficulties in his quest of accomplishing something. However, celebrate his movement with fanfare, reinforce the idea that he has reached a significant breakthrough by rewarding him with a new video or longer stay at the playground.

It at first he doesn’t succeed, try again and again:

Failure can be tolerated; don’t just give up when he fails the first time. Keep encouraging, as he will get there sooner or later. Ensure you buy his sizes and dress that are loose fitting for him to easily take off. Remember potty training is no different from how to ride a bike and so be patient, as he would soon stop wetting his pants. If your child is getting frustrated, kindly take a break from potty training for a while, you can start later.

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