A great way to bond with hubby before baby arrives is embarking on a relaxing or romantic vac" />

Planning a baby moon and why you need one

A great way to bond with hubby before baby arrives is embarking on a relaxing or romantic vacation before you are delivered of a baby. Here is why you need to plan a baby moon and why you need one:
Don’t delay:
Time is of the essence, wasting time on the might lead to you ditching the whole thing. Wasting time can as well lead to her third trimester and she might struggle with pain plus, your break can be interrupted suddenly if baby decide to make an early appearance. If you are thinking about it going, just do it. Don’t waste time.
Choose the dream destination
Choosing your dream destination can be time wasting as well especially when you don’t have one in mind. However, have it at the back of your mind that, this is your last hurrah before your baby arrives. So make it a good one! Think about your destination carefully before you select one, talk to other parents that have experienced babymoon’s to help out and most of all. Choose a place you’ll like and that’s best for you and your baby.
Enjoy being together

Your life, relationship will change in drastically in a few weeks/months and it’s very important that you spend time together with your partner before baby decides to come. Enjoy being in the company of each other and don’t hesitate to have all the fun you can get because once baby decides to come, a family of two becomes three and a lot needs to change.
Pack the perfect maternity clothes
It’s a babymoon getaway! Wherever you’re headed, make sure you pack maternity clothes for your glamorous babymoon getaway. Go along with elegant evening dresses, maternity dresses, maternity swimwear and sexy nighties for your romantic escape.
Be prepared
You just don’t know when baby may come. Prepare well and well enough for you not to be caught off guard. Research about the closest hospital to your hotel; pack up necessary maternity materials you will need during delivery.
On the other hand, you need a baby moon for the following reasons;
You need a babymoon because it’s a medium through which you can preserve those pre-baby moments. Your life is about to change and if you still remain at home trust me you might not just want to do anything but have your baby. Those babymoon moments help you prepare for your new life, preserves those moments when you are at the beach with your partner. Serves as a reference point after you deliver.
Nesting is exhausting; there’s a need for you to take your mind and body off the pressure of everyday life. You will feel better exponentially on you babymoon.
Your babymoon will give your brain several happy and cherished memories; yes, it will! And that’s why it’s essential that you plan your babymoon properly so you can achieve all the benefits. Happy memories about your babymoon will help relax and your nerves, keep you focused as well as happy to delivery your child.
You deserve it; Pregnancy is difficult and only those with deep insight will understand how difficult it is to carry a child for 9months. All that morning sickness, feeling nauseous and vomiting, you deserve that babymoon trip. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

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