I met my wife at a party- Dj Jimmy Jatt


Dj Jimmy Jatt and family

Not a few were pleasantly surprised to note that ace Nigerian disc jockey, Dj Jimmy Jatt, real name, Jimmy Adewale Amu, had been married for over 25 years old. The dotting father of two daughters recently feted his gorgeous wife on her 50th birthday party.

Read their love story below

How he met his wife

As a DJ and as a guy, where else will I meet a woman, at a party of course, dancing and using steps to attract her. I faced many challenges getting my wife because I was perceived useless because of my profession. A lots of doors were shut on me then and aunties warning ladies to stay away from me because I was perceived a womanizer because I’m a DJ’.


I have been married for 18 years and it’s been wonderful. I am married to my friend, so we don’t even see ourselves as married couple. It’s more like boyfriend/girlfriend, live in lovers, and it’s always sweeter that way. People tend to think there are terms and conditions for marriage but we don’t deal like that. I’m very good friends with my wife; we have been together forever, like 24-25 years already. It works for me very well and I have two wonderful kids that I love beyond anything in this world, they are my friends as well. In my house, I am hardly a father or husband, ‘I am just a pally or padi to everybody’, when they see me, they are like ‘this is my guy’ and that feeling is lovely.


My romance with my profession has at many times being threatened by different factors including support, finance and others. There were times I was stuck between buying a CD and eating lunch. At such times, I’m like…but I got married and things got better and a lot better after my kids came and it got to a point I told my self I’m not even thinking about retiring anymore.

Family background

I am from a polygamous home. My parents had 10 children. My dad and his second wife were not compatible. I always tell people to look carefully before going into marriage. Love is not enough reason to get entangled in a marriage. You have to be sure that the two of you are medically compatible. You have to be sure you are not going to produce children who suffer from sickle cell anemia. Unfortunately, that is what happened between my dad and his second wife. All the children from that marriage did not survive. I have seen how much the three of them struggled stay alive, but in vain. For me, it is a lesson and I always speak out just to let people know that you don’t take things for granted. Many people still think they will get lucky. People around here are fond of saying, ‘God will do it.’ Sometimes you need to face reality. For people like us that have experienced the trauma, we know what we are talking about.


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