Hair extension tricks every woman must know

When a hair extension or weaveon on is almost the same texture as your natural hair, it becomes very difficult to detect. In addition, the colour, style, cut and length also matters. In the mean time, here are 5 extension tricks every woman must know:

Blending: For you to properly blend your extensions and hair, straightening your hair with extensions is a very good idea however, in order to actually. However, to do this, you’ll need to clip your hair extensions. The next thing you will have to do is straighten your hair. After straightening your hair, it should be allowed to cool off for about 5-10minutes. After waiting you can now style your hair into whatever you want. Whether you would want waves or curls. No matter what style you decide to go with, you will notice with this hair extension trick, that your hair extensions will seamlessly blend in with your very own hair in order to provide you with a totally natural and gorgeous look.

Long-lasting hold: Scared of letting your hair extension slip out during the day. It can be quite embarrassing though. However, if you don’t want to be embarrassed then backcomb your hair as it can help provide your clip-ins with a boost of texture that is very helpful for gripping on to. You can use a backcombing brush to carry this out. In addition, you can as well add a mist of hairspray for some extra grip if necessary.

Angles: Just in case your hair has layers or is short and you finding it difficult with getting your hair extensions to have a natural appearance around the front part of your face, you can make it softer by clipping the wefts in at an angle. Note, you will have to tilt your extensions back instead of dead straight, which in turn will make your hair less blunt and more feathered.

The Twist: if the troublesome part of the shorter hairs that are around your neck are giving away the fact that you have hair extensions in and is ruining your look, then this hair extension tricks is definitely for you. Section your hair off at the nape your neck, then twirl the hair around your finger and use bobby pins to pin it into place. You can clip the extension at the top that way when all of the hair extensions have been clipped you won’t have any annoying short hairs bothering on your neck.

Close Clipping: If you would like to get your own hair perfectly in with your hair extensions, try to clip the extensions in together as close as you possibly can. That can help with disguising any in between shorter layers. Note that the closer together your extension is clipped to your hair the more natural it will appear.


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