Choosing the right diaper for your baby

Changing diapers can seem like a full-time job especially when you finish wrapping your baby in a clean diaper, she fills it again. Here you will learn how to avoid leakages in your baby’s diaper, how to pick the best baby diaper brand and when to go up a diaper size:

What brand is the best?

Just as skin differs, we can’t actually identify the best brand for your skin. Babies have sensitive skins and as such, you need to try few brands before you finally get one that’s compatible with your baby’s skin. Who knows, you might just be lucky and the first brand you use might just be great with his skin.

When to go up a diaper size:

A leakage in your baby diaper can give you the green light to go up a diaper size. Other indicators such as nappy rash that develops at night and red marks indicates when you should go up a diaper size. Small diapers are less absorbent and hold the damp fabric close to your baby’s skin, this in turn can cause red marks around your baby’s tommy. If nappies are tight and begin to give marks, then you need to buy the bigger size of the one you are using to avoid red marks.

Weight or Shape?

The shape of your baby is said to be more important than his weight sometimes. Parents with slim babies can find their baby’s nappy leaking based on the fact that his wee is pushing/dragging his nappy down away from his legs. In this case, you’ll have to go back down a size or change nappies often if necessary.

Stop leaks:

You can stop leaks using various techniques. However, the little adjustments you make go a long way in stopping leaks. Diapers have their degree of absorbency however, fastening diaper properly too can help prevent leaks. But, make sure they are not too tight but snug enough to hold “WEE”.


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