Childproof your home in 14 easy ways

Most parents tend to overlook one of the biggest threats to their children’s safety and well-being-their own home. Experts say that children between the ages of 1-4 are more likely to be killed by fire, burns, drowning, choking, poisoning or falls. These tips will tell you how best to childproof your home.

Living room

Candles and matches should be out of your child’s reach:

Keeping candles and matches out of reach of your toddler isn’t just necessary but very essential. Kids tend to chew on whatever they can lay their hands on. Keep matches and candles well out of reach to prevent accidents.

Keep photo frames up and away:

Your child’s safety is very important, so keep frames out of reach so your toddler doesn’t drag the photo frame and in turn the glass shatters and cut him/her. Keep photo frames far away so your toddler cant reach it.

It’s time to mount your TV:

Most fancy TV sets are actually made from glass and just imagine a situation where you’re in the kitchen cooking and your toddler decides to pick out a character from the TV screen, he then tries to climb the TV set. Mount your TV on the wall beyond the reach of your toddler.

Don’t expose sockets:

Hide sockets and extensions behind curtains and chairs. If visible to your child, he or she can unplug a cord and start chewing it, he can as well stick his hands inside the socket or stick metal objects inside one of the holes. Keep sockets hidden and don’t hesitate to check on sockets regularly for faults.

Keep toys in one place:

When toddlers start looking for their toys, they tend to check everywhere and pickup things that looks like their toys. Keep their toys intact and in a position that they’ll find it easily. Don’t let her wander about looking for her toys.

Keep your remote control away:

Keep that DSTV and other remote control away when your toddler is in the living room. They can pick it up and start chewing. You don’t want your toddler chewing on a Duracell battery do you? I guess No. Keep TV remote controls out of her reach.

Keep the floor safe:

Don’t leave your floor wet, leave it dry and don’t hesitate to clean it when it’s wet. A slippery floor can leave your daughter flat with a broken arm or leg. Kindly ensure you check out for sharp objects as well, broken glasses, needles and pins.


Set the crib safely: it’s said that once your child can sit up, you can lower the crib mattress. It is also important to note that your baby runs a risk of suffocation when you stuff animals indiscriminately in her crib. Be careful with stuffing animals in her crib. Position the crib in a comfortable location, close to the window for fresh hair.

Window Blinds are cordless: Instead of getting windows with cords, go for cordless window covering, as windows with cords can be dangerous for your child. For example, her neck gets caught in between cords. If you can’t get a cordless window please ensure that the cords are tied up and above the reach of your toddler.


Gate your kitchen: The kitchen is one place you don’t want your toddler playing around because of sharp kitchen utensils like knives, plates, cups and blenders. It’s not a place for a child. Gate your kitchen.

Protect the lower cabinets: lower cabinets usually contain furniture polish, detergents and bleaches. Materials of this nature should be moved to higher cabinets. You can as well leave your lower cabinets empty.

Keep Microwave out of reach: Mount your microwave high up and beyond the reach of your toddler. Don’t turn it on and walk away, stay with it till your food is done. Also, ensure you don’t take hot foods/liquid out of it when your child is around reason been that, they learn fast and would want to try what you just did.

Remove Stove/Gas Knobs: If you cook with a stove, remove it once you’re done cooking. If you cook with a gas cooker, ensure that you cook with the back burners and not the once in front. Don’t leave frying pan handle face forward as your kid can grab it.

Keep cutlery away: Knives and forks should be out of reach for toddlers. Don’t even let them know where you keep them or watch you pick .


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