9 quick ways to keep your husband attracted to you

What you wear, how you act and most especially your behavior go a long way in making your husband attracted to you. You can make your husband miss you by the minute by following these tips because they will not only help boost your confidence but also help you get to know your husband better. We present you 9 quick ways to keep your husband attracted to you:

Show how much you care:

Don’t make your husband sick and tired of you by hiding your feelings towards him. Pack his lunch for him to work and when his sick, treat him like a little child. Don’t hesitate to kiss and hug him when you feel like. Always have it at the back of your mind that kissing and hugging him can’t get too much. You need to be very creative and come up with different strategies to make him happier.

His happiness is key:

Of course his happiness is important, everything shouldn’t revolve around you, make it your priority to make him happy always. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, you can prepare him is most cherished meals, organise him a surprise birthday or even buy him his favourite movie tickets for you too to see a movie together. Don’t hesitate to carry out these activities as they will definitely keep and make him happy. You’ll always remain attractive to him if you are able to find a balance in ensuring he’s happy and at the same time, show how much you care for him.

Laugh together:

Who hates laughing? I don’t think there’s anyone who hates laughing. Why don’t you find humour in every situation and find a way of making it funny. Note, watch how you go about this, as you need to find a balance. Know when to joke and when to be serious. However, there’s still a need for you find humour in every situation. Laughing together helps create that affection that he’ll miss when he’s not beside or around you. Take for example, when his down, or lonely at the office, he’ll call you just to feel the aura that he is loved and in the process he laughs his problems off.

Share similar interests with him:

Most men are in love with football or video games, whatever the interest may be, why don’t you share those interests together. If he is in love with football, take your time and watch those matches with him, enjoy having fun together. You don’t need to make him feel guilty about his passion by nagging always about his soccer match or video game. Show interest rather than nagging, it helps.

Make the first move:

Don’t always expect him to make the move first. Take it upon yourself to make the move on some occasion. Come to think of it, he is either at work or travelling somewhere for work. So, why don’t you make the first move? After being preoccupied with work he needs to lay off stress, why don’t you help him out with that? Initiate sex and tease him while you are at it.

Take care of your appearance:

They say the average African woman/man don’t attach a lot of importance to fashion while in marriage. It’s more like before marriage you are to dress well and once you are married, you don’t need to dress well. You don’t need to feel guilty for spending on yourself. Buy that nice dress and wear that make-up you know he’ll like. Get your hair done and do everything possible to make yourself more appreciated and desired by your husband. You know what he likes, his best colour and how he likes his woman use these to your advantage. Wear his best colour, make your nails and look pretty for your husband and keep your husband attracted to you.

Buy him surprise gifts:

Having to please men may seem difficult, but then, simple things like getting your hubby a gift goes a long way in making him desire you the more. You can always get him things he likes and you can try other stuffs too. Ensure you let him know you got those things with him in mind. Often, women don’t even know what their man wants. It’s however important that you study your man to know what he wants.

Seek his opinion:

Simple gestures can make a man go crazy about you at times. Get that nice silky nightdress and ask for his opinion, purchase that nice perfume and ask what he thinks about it. You can decide to purchase new underwear’s, show it to him and ask him what he feels about it.

Spice up your sexlife:

Some women tend to forget everything while tending to their babies. Keep your body intact for your husband; let him know you think about him everything. Simply put, don’t confuse yourself with other things and forget what your priority is. Always remember that there are quick ways to keep your husband attracted to you. For instance, you can tend to your babies and also to the libido of your husband. Physically, you need to keep fit as well work on your sex life. Don’t leave your husband hanging while your tending to other things; he’s also an important part of your life.

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